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By James Schenk


January 25, 2010
Monday PM

I guess the pains of the past, cloud the view of the future sometimes. Personally I don't get my feelings hurt easy, ignorance and violence seem to be the law of the land once again. I wish some of you had paid attention to your environment over the last 50 years as I have. If you have been in the forest recently you have been doing things right as you have left no trace, as is the law, being that as it may what I mean is I doubt you spend very much time in the real forest at all.

As to the past, some will remember when we paid for roads which did not benefit some of us at all -- government subsidies, can you say socialism on a grand scale? The pulp mill, the garbage pit, it is was only born with a fifty year life span. That was the agreed upon -- leases of forest contracts. Everyone involved seemed to know that except for the ignorant few who only judge life by their own finances.

Your Future and that of all your children is tied to this town and the resources that surround us. I like mining myself, but that is another story. If we can get Government off our backs that would be great. We could harvest what we need, and let nature take its course, but you want it all! You want Socialism you want me and my children to pay for roads built by outsiders into our treasure box, so that loggers from Washington and Oregon can come here and destroy our Forests, and then move on to the next community. They can convince Ignorant people to rise-up and snivel that those bad little hippies are stopping us from being all we want to be, and the government should do something about those scary tree huggers.

You are the people that scare me with your uninformed attacks on people who put their dreams and ideals on hold to slow down somewhat the eventual destruction of our resources. Shame on you for not caring about the very air you breathe and you're welcome that there exist on this planet environmentalists who care about you and your children's children. A Great Hero once said: The Earth does not belong to us WE belong to the Earth.

Good day to anyone who takes the time to read this as you took the time to read others points of view,if we have only one, who are we then!

Thank you for caring for our Home

James Schenk
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Resident, Tree hugging, dirt worshipping, hiker, hunter, fisherman, Biker, Union Wireman, proud Father, Grandpa, Husband, and friend to many!"

Received January 25, 2009 - Published January 25, 2010


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