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February 04, 2005

Front Page Photo by Paul Perry

'Pussywillows in Bloom'
Front Page Photo by Paul Perry

It might as well be spring - at least for the Pussywillows! In and around Ketchikan the Pussywillows are in bloom. This plant can be either a small tree or shrub, growing up to 30 feet. Its catkin buds bloom in February to May, and are small, gray and woolly. This is a favorite tree to see, as it means that springtime is coming. - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005


Commentary/ Columns

Dale McFeatters: Putting the 'super' in Super Bowl- It's a good thing the Super Bowl is played on Sunday because if it were Monday there would be great pressure to have a three-day weekend declared... More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

Star Parker: Democrats need to come up with some ideas - Democratic leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi don't seem to grasp the wisdom of learning from mistakes... More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

Bob Ciminel: No Free Lunch - Proponents of hydrogen-fueled automobiles encountered a setback last week when scientists announced that, although hydrogen is a clean-burning fuel, the process of making hydrogen could introduce nearly the same amount of pollutants into the environment as today's gasoline-fueled engines. - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

jpg Preston MacDougallPreston MacDougall: Chemical Eye on the Glass Pipeline - "Ask an impertinent question, and you are on the way to a pertinent answer. That is the essence of science." So said the Quaker scientist, and teacher, John Dalton, two-hundred years ago this year, when his "New System of Chemical Philosophy" created quite a stir. - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005


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National: Lawmakers, others vow to block ANWR drilling - Sen. Joseph Lieberman vowed Wednesday to once again block drilling on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with other like-minded members of Congress.

Amid the chants of some 100 opponents of drilling at a rally in a park near the Capitol, Lieberman, D-Conn., and Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., said they were reintroducing a bill to permanently protect the 1.5 million-acre region as the Udall-Eisenhower Arctic Wilderness.

That bill went nowhere last year, but neither did efforts led by Alaska's delegation to open the plain for oil development. Lieberman said 24 senators co-sponsored his bill, including one Republican, Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island. Markey said Rep. Nancy Johnson, a Connecticut Republican, is one of the co-sponsors in the House. - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

National: Private SS accounts, deconstructed - President Bush skipped the specifics of his plan for private Social Security accounts in the State of the Union and follow-up speeches, but details have begun to emerge. Here is what's known... More
Friday - February 04, 2005

Washington Calling: Budget bloviating ... Government security ... Phishing ... - Expect much bloviating over President Bush's proposed $2.5 trillion in federal spending next year.

The annual budget season produces some of Washington's most creative theatrics, as lawmakers complain about all the pain that would be caused if their favorite federal programs are axed. With the White House putting 150 programs on the chopping block in this year's budget, interest groups are energizing their rank and file to rally behind endangered services. - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

NW: Revulsion, anger over discovery of mutilated eagles - The mysterious discovery of more than two dozen mutilated bald eagles in the woods of North Vancouver, British Columbia, has sparked revulsion and anger on Canada's West Coast, which has been plagued by poaching for years. - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

Alaska: Alaska wolf-kill efforts proceed for now - An Anchorage judge has upheld the state's controversial aerial wolf-kill programs, paving the way for private pilots to shoot more than 600 wolves this winter in rural Alaska.

In her decision Wednesday, Superior Court Judge Sharon Gleason refused to grant an injunction sought by the Connecticut-based group Friends of Animals and six Alaska residents to halt predator-control efforts until their lawsuit against the state goes to trial in May. - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

audioKetchikan: Listen to this KRBD story... The U.S. Forest Service has issued four draft alternatives for commercial use of public trails in and around Ketchikan. The Forest Service currently operates twelve off-road trails on Revillagigedo Island. As Deanna Garrison reports, the federal agency is considering opening up to ten of those trails to commercial use.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - linked Friday - February 04, 2005

jpg Future Leaders

Jennifer Lynn Lluellyn
Photo courtesy Joseph Branco

Ketchikan: FUTURE LEADERS: Jennifer Lynn Lluellyn by Joseph Branco - Leadership is my favorite quality of humankind. I have always been impressed by the ability of people to inspire greatness and unleash potential in others. I am most impressed with the leadership of our community's young people. I have dedicated this outlet for the citizens of Ketchikan to meet and briefly identify with our rising stars. It is my pleasure to interview these great people who will, no doubt, shape our community in the future.

As a guinea pig for this new project, I found a young woman who I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with on several community projects and events. She is a leader in the purest sense with an amazing ability to connect with her peers and promote community improvement without crossing the line into "preaching". - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

audioThorne Bay: Listen to this KRBD story... The Forest Service Ranger for the Thorne Bay District is leaving his post after five years on the job. Dave Schmid took over the top district job just as the Ketchikan Pulp Company was completing the closing of what had been the world's largest sorting yard. Schmid is moving to Billings, Montana, where he will once again serve as a District Ranger. Jay Marble spoke earlier with Schmid about his time with the Thorne Bay District.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - linked Friday - February 04, 2005

jpg Mount Wrangell

Mount Wrangell, an earthquake-sensitive
volcano, as seen from Glennallen.
Photograph by Chris Nye

Alaska: Sumatra earthquake shakes up Alaska volcano by Ned Rozell - Energy from the giant Sumatra earthquake traveled 7,000 miles to shake up an Alaska volcano.

Mount Wrangell experienced "a small flurry of events" about one hour after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Sumatra on Dec. 26, 2004, according to John Sanchez of the Alaska Volcano Observatory. Sanchez checked out a number of Alaska volcanoes for increased activity following the giant earthquake and he found that Mt. Wrangell, a 14,163-foot volcano about 50 miles east of Copper Center, shook with at least 12 tiny earthquakes as the energy waves from across the globe passed through the mountain during a 10 minute-period. - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

Researchers inspect survey
sample and find herring
Photo: Brian Lance/NOAA Fisheries

Alaska: Researchers Gather Baseline Data in Shotgun Cove - NOAA Fisheries and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists are studying near-shore fish populations and their habitats in Shotgun Cove, which lies approximately six miles east of Whittier, Alaska. - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

Alaska: Climactic threats loom over Arctic, reports find - Warming air temperatures and shifts in ocean currents could trigger "dangerous climate change" in the Arctic over the next couple decades - consuming more summer sea ice, stressing polar bears and altering the lives of Native people across Alaska, Canada, Russia and Greenland, according to new reports released this week at a climate conference in the United Kingdom. - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

Alaska: Is Alaska really getting warmer? - Alaska's climate seems to be heating up fast, with eroding coastlines, melting glaciers, oozing permafrost and retreating sea ice. Some researchers argue that these changes can definitely be blamed on greenhouse gas emissions. Not so fast, says atmospheric scientist John Walsh, one of the country's leading investigators into climate change. - More...
Friday - February 04, 2005

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June Allen Column

photosL. Ron Hubbard's Alaska Adventure; His long winter in Ketchikan - For such a small city in such a remote location, Ketchikan has had its fair share of experience in welcoming the rich and famous. Names that come to mind are Bing Crosby, John Wayne, Cary Grant, as well as Olivia Newton-John, Bill Gates, and Chubby Checker - plus many, many others! Unlike today's notables who arrive by cruise ship for brief visits, earlier celebrity visitors usually came in on their own or someone else's yacht. Most enjoyed Ketchikan's sights, sounds and attractions for at most a few days. But one unexpected visitor found himself stranded for the winter! - Read the rest of this story by June Allen...
Wednesday - January 19, 2005

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