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January 03, 2005

Front Page Photo by Chris Wilhelm

'Ice & Fire'
Front Page Photo by Chris Wilhelm - More



jpg Dick MorrisDick Morris: Bickering: It's How We Decide - How long will the bitter partisan polarization that has gripped the U.S. last? Will we remain, forever, two nations - one red and one blue? - More...
Monday - January 03, 2005

jpg Howard DeanHoward Dean: Helping The Tsunami Victims - One week ago, a devastating tsunami changed the lives of millions of people in a matter of minutes.... More...
Monday - January 03, 2005

jpg Bob CiminelBob Ciminel: Thrill of a Lifetime - The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway's 2004 season ended on Thursday, December 30... - More...
Monday - January 03, 2005

Joseph Branco: Shed a Tear for Our Celebrities -Isn't it horrible? A celebrity is battling the crippling reality of anorexia. Another is boldly standing up to the unrelenting paparazzi. ... More...
Monday - January 03, 2005


letter There's Nothing To Do? by Suzan Thompson - Monday
letter Ellis Air by Holly (Lindblom) Jones - Monday
letter Forty million dollar inauguration party by John Stewart - Monday
letter Just why does the world seemingly hate America? by Patrick Groszewski - Monday
letter Thanks for the Lecture Doc! by Joseph Branco - Monday
letter Just Who Is Mistaken? by Mark Neckameyer - Monday
letter Easier to complain by Brandi Conway - Monday
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Alaska: After many decades with 48 stars, another was added to American flags on this day - January 3rd - in 1959, as Alaska was admitted to statehood.

Alaska had been a territory since 1867, when it was purchased from Russia in a highly controversial move. A land of superlatives, Alaska is noted for its great expanses of natural beauty and is the vacation destination for many Americans seeking to get away from traffic and pollution.

Alaska is almost one-fifth the size of all the lower 48 states, and has a population density of just over one person per square mile, while the U.S. average is close to 80. The state's population, long the lowest in the U.S., is today nearly 649-thousand, larger than Wyoming, Vermont and North Dakota. - Source U.S. Census Bureau

National: A glance at the issues Congress will face - The 109th Congress opens at noon on Tuesday. Here's a look at the top issues for President Bush and the Republicans who control both the House and Senate:

SOCIAL SECURITY: The president says the nation's retirement system is in crisis and needs to be fixed immediately to keep it solvent. Although details are sketchy, Bush wants Congress to approve a plan that would allow workers to invest part of their Social Security taxes into private accounts. Democratic critics say there's no crisis and argue the president is out to privatize the system.

TAXES: Fulfilling a pledge he made in his campaign, Bush wants to make his tax cuts permanent and overhaul the federal tax code. The president wants a commission to study tax changes and make recommendations later this year. Although Bush has yet to endorse a proposal, ideas being discussed in Washington include a national sales tax or a flat income tax to replace the current multi-tiered income tax system.

JURY AWARDS: With juries awarding multimillion-dollar verdicts, Bush says the current judicial system is too much like a lottery. He wants Congress to approve a plan that would put a cap on jury awards. Bush has criticized the Senate for not acting on a House-approved plan that would cap noneconomic damages for pain and suffering at $250,000.

JUDGES: Bush is likely to get a chance to appoint a Supreme Court justice. Chief Judge William Rehnquist, 80, is being treated for thyroid cancer and is expected to retire. There has not been an opening on the high court since 1994.

DEFICIT: With the Congressional Budget Office projecting a budget deficit of $348 billion in the current budget year, Bush is promising to cut the deficit in half in the next five years. With war costs mounting, spending cuts are expected in many domestic programs when Bush presents his new budget to Congress on Feb. 7. - More...
Monday - January 03, 2004

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photosBetty King the Dog Lady; Ketchikan's one-woman humane society - There is an alley in downtown Ketchikan named Betty King Alley. It's a very narrow little mid-block lane that begins on Dock Street and cuts through to Mission and then to Mill Street. Mill is a comparatively new (1972) street named for the sprawling and now-gone Ketchikan Spruce Mill that buzzed and rumbled with activity at the site for some eighty years. A few years back, the previously anonymous alley was finally named. The name chosen was Daly Alley, chosen to honor one of the Spruce Mills pioneer families. It was a dubious honor, actually. And at least one member of that family may not have been delighted with the tribute. - Read the rest of this feature story by June Allen...
Wednesday - December 01, 2004

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arrow Ketchikan's 'Fish House Tessie'; She was proud of the nickname

arrow Fairbanks: Golden Heart City; A story of its founding

arrow Remembering 'Swede' Risland (1915-1991);The town's most memorable logger

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