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December 03, 2004

Front Page Photo Courtesy BBBS

Heather shows off her autographed photo of the Harlem Ambassadors basketball players.
The Harlem Ambassadors played at Ketchikan High School Wednesday.
Photo courtesy Priscilla Barnett

Ketchikan: Harlem Ambassadors Promote "Stay in School, Stay Off Drugs" - The Harlem Ambassadors presented a quality basketball show at Ketchikan High School Wednesday. The show is designed to be fun for sports fans of all ages. Youngsters are awed for the first time and older folks enjoy the tried-and-true gags like a rerun of a favorite comedy movie. - More...
Friday - December 03, 2004

Alaska: Governor Touts Alaska Gasline to National Audience; Calls Arctic Gas Key to Long-term U.S. Energy Security - Americans concerned about securing a long-term source of clean energy should join Alaska in supporting a pipeline to bring North Slope natural gas to domestic markets, Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski told a national gasline conference in Houston on Thursday.

Speaking to the American Conference Institute at its Alaska Gas Pipeline symposium, Murkowski said Alaska's 35 trillion cubic feet of gas, a 300 percent spike in gas prices, recent federal legislative victories and ongoing state efforts are combining to make the long hoped-for gasline a reality.

"The Alaska natural gas pipeline will provide 50 years or more of secure supplies that will provide all Americans with a degree of stability they could never achieve thorough a complete dependence on imported gas," Murkowski said. - More...
Friday - December 03, 2004



Mark Patinkin: How did we survive? - I just got one of those "However did we survive" essays that people pass along by e-mail. You know - pointing out that kids once endured without bike helmets, childproof medicine lids and separate sneakers for each sport. Gosh, they even drank water from a garden hose instead of Evian bottles. - More...
Friday - December 03, 2004

jpg Mike ReaganMichael Reagan: Note to the NAACP: Draft Bill Cosby - Kweisi Mfume is leaving his job as president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and his resignation should be a source of rejoicing for not only the membership of that civil rights organization, but for all Americans black and white. - More...
Friday - December 03, 2004


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Alaska: Alaskans Invited to Governor's Open House - Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski and First Lady Nancy Murkowski invite the public to an open house at the Governor's residence on Tuesday, December 7, from 3-6 p.m. continuing the 91 year-old tradition of an annual holiday open house. More than 300 guests attended the first open house in 1913, and more than 3,000 have attended in recent years.

"This is our third holiday season in the Governor's House, and Frank and I look forward to welcoming our friends and neighbors to the residence," the First Lady said. "Those who visit the open house will notice a bit of a change in the interior decorations again this year. The beautiful holiday decorations are elegant in red, gold and ivory, and we are especially proud that we, for the second year, have an Alaskan Christmas tree to grace the ballroom."

The donation of a Lodge Pole Pine from Prince of Wales Island was a joint venture between Kim Redmond of the USFS Thorne Bay Ranger District, Thorne Bay City Administrator Mike Harper and members of the local business association, including Earl & Chris Nash, Diane Stittgen, Jim Wilson, Jim & Jeannie McFarland, Nick Hope and Tom Bates. Russ Staton provided the truck needed to bring the tree to the barge, and Northland Services donated barge transport to Juneau.

"House staff have been organizing the event for months, and have been baking holiday treats nonstop for the last few weeks. Our table will be filled with mounds of more than 16,050 holiday cookies, 1,200 slices of assorted breads, 2,640 tarts, and 6,000 pieces of homemade candies," said First Lady Nancy Murkowski. "Gingerbread houses created by students at Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School will be on display in the dining room. There is a wonderful winter gingerbread scene for viewing, as guests make their way from the dining room table to the beverages of warm apple cider and holiday punch."

Entertainers will perform inside and outside the residence. Volunteer entertainers include Alaska Youth Choir directed by Missouri Smyth; Aurora Strings directed by Xia; Creche Tableau, performed by a Brownie Troop led by Emily Kane; Floyd Dryden Middle School Honor Choir directed by Rebecca Ricker and Julia Bastuscheck; Glacier Valley Baptist Messengers directed by Lorraine Marshall; Juneau Christian School Carolers directed by Freddy Cummins; JDHS Instrumental Ensemble directed by Ken Guiher; JDHS Jazz Choir directed by Rod Pocock; Juneau Jubilee directed by Jane Mulready; and the Victorian Carolers. - More...
Friday - December 03, 2004

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photosBetty King the Dog Lady; Ketchikan's one-woman humane society - There is an alley in downtown Ketchikan named Betty King Alley. It's a very narrow little mid-block lane that begins on Dock Street and cuts through to Mission and then to Mill Street. Mill is a comparatively new (1972) street named for the sprawling and now-gone Ketchikan Spruce Mill that buzzed and rumbled with activity at the site for some eighty years. A few years back, the previously anonymous alley was finally named. The name chosen was Daly Alley, chosen to honor one of the Spruce Mills pioneer families. It was a dubious honor, actually. And at least one member of that family may not have been delighted with the tribute. - Read the rest of this feature story by June Allen...
Wednesday - December 01, 2004

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