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Just why does the world seemingly hate America?
by Patrick Groszewski


January 03, 2005

As Al Jazeera gives the murderers a voice, Al Jazeera is culpable and I think despicable.
Can you name me one single news or media outlet of any description on earth that is not interested in giving murderers a "voice"? Without mentioning any names, you yourself seem to be a number one candidate, closely followed by CNN, SKY, BBC, the New York Times, Washington Post. All these outlets gave a "voice" to whoever recently killed, murdered, beheaded, slayed children that totaled 100,000 in Iraq. Civilians. People going about their lives. First of all mister, pray tell who killed them? Then who didn't report it? Who did report it?

I think you must be taking drugs. So sunken in ideological hatred and bigotry you cannot see the wood for the trees. Have you ever in your life stopped to think that just perhaps, maybe, there is a very slim chance that you are wrong?

Just why does seemingly the whole world hate America so much, and when China overtakes and leaves the US behind in a haze of failure and defeat, will the Americans hate the Chinese just as much?

Guess it won't matter to you, your life is already mapped out. The lines of ignorance and hatred were drawn long ago.

I hope one day you will wake up. But I do not wish you ill will, fortunately most of the world don't behave like Americans and don't kill people.

Good day,

Patrick Groszewski
United Kingdom



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