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December 31, 2004

Front Page Photo by Dick Kauffman

'Annette Island Sunset'
Front Page Photo by Dick Kauffman



jpg Jason LoveJason Love: Honking Back - The horn is the most abused feature of today's motor vehicle (the back seat taking a close second among teenagers).- More...
Friday - December 31, 2004

jpg Betsy HartBetsy Hart: Anxiety-free cooking - This year I must have been a very good girl because Santa brought me the most perfect present. ...OK, it was my sister-in-law and brother who gave it to me, but here it is. - More...
Friday - December 31, 2004


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Profile America: On this New Year's Eve, some 295 million Americans of all ages are ready to greet the year 2005.

Fifty years ago, the U.S. population was just over 162 million; a century ago, it was 82 million. To show how fast the nation is growing, by this time tomorrow, there will be some 84 thousand new babies on hand to welcome the New Year.

Not only is the population growing, it is moving to new locations. For several years, the fastest growing states have been in the West. The population of Nevada jumped almost 9 percent in just two years, followed by Arizona at over 6 percent. Four states added nearly 5 percent -- Colorado, Florida, Georgia and Texas. Source: U.S. Census Bureau

World: The world is emerging from 'the year of disasters - The tsunamis that devastated southern Asia this week bring to a close a year of natural disasters that left hardly a corner of the planet unscathed.

The year began in the wake of a massive earthquake in the ancient city of Bam in Iran, on the day after Christmas 2003, that killed about 30,000 people and destroyed 70 percent of homes, schools, hospitals and businesses.

It closed with the most powerful earthquake in recent decades sending walls of water crashing ashore in Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and eight other countries, killing more than 116,000 people, a total that rises daily.- More...
Friday - December 31, 2004

National: Alternate Social Security plan emerges in Congress - As Congress prepares for contentious debate next year over major changes in Social Security, an alternate plan has emerged that would slowly but steadily trim benefits by $4 trillion over 75 years. - More...
Friday - December 31, 2004

Pacific Northwest: 'Clusters' of earthquakes yield an ominous scenario - The newest studies on the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the coast of the Pacific Northwest have identified a "clustering" of great earthquakes of the type that would cause a major tsunami, yielding a historical record with two distinct implications - one that's good, the other not. - More...
Friday - December 31, 2004

jpg Riggs Glacier

Riggs Glacier (and the lack of Muir Glacier) in Glacier Bay National Park, as photographed in 2004.
Photo by Bruce Molnia.

Alaska: Melting Alaska makes the front page by Ned Rozell - People picked up their newspapers on thousands of doorsteps of this city and saw two pictures of Glacier Bay on the front page, under the headline, "Alaska's retreating glaciers seen as evidence Earth is warming."

One photo provided by glaciologist Bruce Molnia showed Muir Glacier in 1941. Molnia compared it to a photo he took in 2004 that shows Muir Glacier's retreat out of the picture in 60 years. About 15 national reporters attended a press conference on the disappearing glaciers and other changes in Alaska's landscape at the American Geophysical Union's annual meeting in San Francisco, which this year attracted more than 11,000 scientists. Joining Molnia on the podium were Matt Nolan of UAF's Water and Environmental Research Center and Ken Tape of the Geophysical Institute. Nolan showed his photos of shrinking McCall Glacier in the Brooks Range and Tape showed photos of how the Arctic has gotten shrubbier from the 1940s to the present. Reporters scribbled notes as they looked at the images, which show how quickly the north has warmed in the last century, especially the last 50 years. - More...
Friday - December 31, 2004

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photosBetty King the Dog Lady; Ketchikan's one-woman humane society - There is an alley in downtown Ketchikan named Betty King Alley. It's a very narrow little mid-block lane that begins on Dock Street and cuts through to Mission and then to Mill Street. Mill is a comparatively new (1972) street named for the sprawling and now-gone Ketchikan Spruce Mill that buzzed and rumbled with activity at the site for some eighty years. A few years back, the previously anonymous alley was finally named. The name chosen was Daly Alley, chosen to honor one of the Spruce Mills pioneer families. It was a dubious honor, actually. And at least one member of that family may not have been delighted with the tribute. - Read the rest of this feature story by June Allen...
Wednesday - December 01, 2004

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