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Off-road vehicles
by Tom Carlin

December 31, 2004

I'm a 16-year old kid that has had many off-road vehicles like 4-wheelers and motorcycles and I think that the state or the city or someone needs to designate a spot for ATV's and other off road vehicles. I have been pulled over and called in many times for riding my fourhweeler on and off the road and so have a lot of my friends. The first time I got pulled over for riding my fourwheeeler on the road I was 13 and I'm a good kid. I don't get in trouble or anything. I just wnated to ride my fourwheeler and someone called me in for noise and I got pulled over and got chewed out by the State Trooper who was just doing his job. But I felt bad, I mean I had never been in trouble with the police and here is a State Trooper chewing me out and saying I'm going to get a fine and they were going to take my fourwheeler and stuff. And it kept getting worse and worse till I couldn't ride my fourwheeler around my house without people calling the police.

This wouldn't happen if there were a park or a track or something designated for off-road vehicles or at least ATV's and motorcycles. Everyone used to go to Whipple Creek but some people dumped their garbage there and so now that is closed. A lot of people used to go up on the logging road on D1-loop Road. There used to not be a gate there and a lot of people went walking and riding up there and now it is not allowed. They put a gate and stuff up there so now really the only spot to ride is on the road or out by Harriet Hunt. If the state or city or someone made a track or an area to ride they could make money off it by charging an admission fee as they do down south. This would be much better for people who own fourhweelers and motorcycles and would also save them money from fines and stuff like that and it would also be safer keeping them off the roads and such. This would also benefit the people who live where there is excessive fourwheeler activity like on D1-Loop! There are always fourwheelers on the road. I think this issue should be brought to the city or state or something because it is becoming more and more of a problem. There are a lot of people and the number is increasing that have 4 and 3 wheelers and motorcycles who have no place to ride so they choose the road.

Thank you,

Tom Carlin
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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