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Ramsey Clark
by Joseph Branco


December 31, 2004

Mr. Dunning - I disagree with your defense of Ramsey Clark.

I find it absolutely appaling that Ramsey Clark is allowed to call himself an American. In this time of war and global crisis, I must ask - Where do we, as Americans, draw the line between criticism of foreign or domestic policy and Treason? In my opinion Ramsey Clark should be extradited from the United States and possibly hanged for sympathizing and defending known terrorists and, through actions and words, attempting to insight a mutiny against our government. Ramsey Clark should visit the family of each and every family of people killed by Hussein's regime and explain the concept of justice and legal procedure to them. I find it an absolute insult that anti-American statements are carefully protected under the quest for justice tagline. And why is Suddam Hussein entitled to the BEST legal defense available? He is entitled to a lawyer. Most Americans who have trials do not get the BEST defense available, yet you think this insane murderer is somehow entitled to this?

I understand what argument you are trying to make. You are trying to explain the importance of using the proper legal procedures when Americans are presented as the nation of fairness and democracy. What you are missing is that our system was orginally intended on making sure that those accused without merit had the legal support to be acquitted of false charges. Our system has mutated to favor the criminal rather than justice. This man is on tape after tape after tape abusing and killing people. And people secretly hope for a legal loophole to free him. This man and his henchmen have reservations for Hell. It is time we help him check in.

Joseph Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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