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RE: Save your criticism
by Tom LeCompte


December 31, 2004

Sorry you misread my intent. No one agrees more, Saddam had to go, but all of the other crap, Cheney-Halliburton, Tenet's disregard of AL-Quaida info left by the Clinton admin, rewarding people with Medals of Freedom who've pretty much failed in the mission. Sorry, and I'm a military brat, (USMC- Semper Fi Dad,) and I support our kids over there 110%. I want those young folks home, ASAP. Was it Bush's Mission that made this all necessary or the World's. And chew on this Ms. Filanis- I VOTED FOR BUSH!!!! Because I don't think Kerry could have undone much of the mess we're in domestically or geopolitically. One way or the other, we as a nation will get through this. And by the way,I supported the Red Cross during the Fall hurricanes in the US South, did you?.

WHAT I WAS SAYING WAS- We have the resources and we can do more. This is way more involved than just the tourist areas of Thailand and SE Asia, there are over 125,000 humans dead all across the Southern Indian Ocean areas and on the coast of Africa. This will not be a quick and easy recovery. ....and when the wealthy tourists go home, (the ones that didn't perish,) there will be millions of locals affected. That's hard to comprehend in our little state of 600,000. The US Aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln will be onsite in one of the disaster areas soon with supplies and making fresh water with her steam plant. But that is a drop in the bucket compared to what we can provide and what is needed. Bill Gates and many other American individuals and Corporations are sending millions as we speak. Since most of the affected countries are Islamic, we can do some real good here and maybe shore up some of our own sagging world respect in the uneducated and unwashed areas of the World....and maybe some of the over-educated squeaky-clean areas too.

The Seattle PI said in an article Thursday that 5 million people lack food, clean water, shelter, and medicine. This is not a quick fix or a need that will go away quickly. The media will go away when it's not sexy news anymore. The trauma of this situation will go on in these countries for the rest of these people's lives.

Finally Ms. Filanis, you use words like probably, and possibly, and maybe, as you guess about me, who I am, and what I do. I'd ask you not to invent, manipulate, and cast aspersions about me in my community, when you don't know me or what I do here. That's what Bush did towards Kerry throughout his whole campaign.

I support whom I please as an independent Ms. Filanis, but I am not blind, deaf, or unread, just because he is the President. I won't presume to guess who you voted for at the national, state, or local level, but I hope you did, because it's only when we vote that we even have the right to complain about our national politics.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year!

Tom LeCompte
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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