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Save your criticism
by Lilian Filanis


December 30, 2004

Mr. LeCompte makes his political feelings known in his derogatory comments about our Commander in Chief. Hey! Mr. LeCompte, the campaign is over! Americans need to work together. You are encouraging our enemies.

I have a feeling that if the President had pledged $500 Million that first day, LeCompte would have been right there writing about the President's extravagance. Probably Mr. LeCompte sees himself as a full time Bush critic on most things.

I wonder if Mr. LeCompte sent a big fat check to the Red Cross or donated in any manner himself? Did he "open all his assets to the survivors" as he would have the taxpayers do? I would bet he did not. The idea of "opening the doors of every asset we have" is ridiculous. The President has experts in natural disasters who will advise how to help without being ripped off like in the Oil for Food program. This time the tragedy did not destroy infrastructure and industry except the tourist sites so recovery will be quick. The loss of life is awful. They should have had a warning system. 

It is worth noting the the U.S. donates more aid than all the other nations in the world put together.  This is a fact.  Europe may have beat us that first day only because they live 8 or so hours ahead of us in time.

Save your criticism for the election in 2008, Mr. LeCompte. In the meantime, you would get more accomplished by being positive and by working through the system instead of by putting our President down all the time.

Lilian Filanis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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