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January 15, 2005

Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

'Snow Day'
Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson



jpg Dave KifferDave Kiffer: "Winter sports? Snow way!" - I must finally be an "adult.

When the skies cloud over and the soft white flakes begin to float down, all I can think of is what a pain in the "tookus" snow is!" - More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005

jpg Michael ReaganMichael Reagan: In Denial And In Peril - The nation's attention has been riveted on La Conchita in California's Ventura County, a hamlet that fronts on Highway 101 and the Pacific Ocean beyond and huddles underneath a ridge that towers 600 feet above it. - More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005

jpg Ann McFeattersAnn McFeatters: Bush likely to lose the Social Security debate - When you retire, should you expect your standard of living to go down, stay the same or gradually rise along with society in general? - More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005

jpg Joseph BrancoJoseph Branco: Rap Today - If you have ever turned on MTV in the last 20 years, you have, no doubt, seen and heard of a musical genre referred to as Rap or Hip Hop. - More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005


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letter Bypass concerns by Amy Schmitt - Saturday
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 National: As second terms nears, Bush defies trends, surprises many - As he prepared to take office four years ago, George W. Bush promised to promote a humble foreign policy and scale back U.S. military commitments abroad while limiting federal government initiatives and curtailing spending at home.

Now, on the cusp of his second inauguration Thursday, the former Texas governor is pursuing bold and expensive plans both in domestic policies and around the globe. From his controversial decision to invade Iraq in his first term to his bid to overhaul Social Security in his second term, Bush has displayed a leadership style that surprises presidential scholars with his derring-do readiness to roll the dice on big gambles and confront the political risk they create. - More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005

National: Social Security not facing crisis, Democrats say - "The crisis is now," President Bush warned a few weeks ago in support of his proposal to overhaul the 70-year-Social Security system with the introduction of private accounts.

Congressional Democrats and their allies counter that there is no Social Security crisis, that the idea has been manufactured by the president to rev up support for a privatization plan that would destroy Social Security.

"Social Security faces a challenge, not a crisis," said Rep. Sander Levin of Michigan, ranking Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee who has taken the key role in the debate left vacant by the death of Rep. Robert Matsui, D-Calif.

"There is no short-term crisis," said Kenneth Apfel, commissioner of Social Security during the Clinton administration. He said Social Security's outlook, which the president depicts in the bleakest of terms, is a "long-term manageable challenge." - More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005

National: A Q&A on Social Security - President Bush is warning that Social Security, often cited as the federal government's most successful and popular domestic program, is headed for a train wreck unless drastic steps are taken - and soon.

The system, created in 1935 to help seniors with their retirement, is on course to run out of money and "will be flat broke" before today's young workers can begin collecting benefits, he says.

Bush wants to change the system so young workers can invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in private accounts. Foes counter the president's proposal is too risky. Here's a look at the situation. - More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005

National: Judge rejects atheist's bid to remove prayer from inaugural - Michael Newdow, the Sacramento, Calif., atheist who last year failed to convince the U.S. Supreme Court that the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutionally invoked the name of God, lost his bid Friday to keep prayer out of President Bush's inauguration.

U.S. District Judge John D. Bates, noting that prayer has been a part of presidential inaugurals since George Washington took the oath of office, said he found nothing in Newdow's challenge that would justify stopping it now. - More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005

'Ice Foam'
Front Page Photo by Paul Perry

National: U.S. announces tsunami detection plans - Federal scientific leaders energized by the Indian Ocean tsunami announced new plans Friday for an international monitoring system to provide warnings of the surges to all coasts of the United States and beyond.

The U.S. Geological Survey, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and White House science adviser John Marburger outlined plans to expand the existing Pacific tsunami warning system and to set up a new network of tidal wave sensors to protect the Atlantic coast and the Caribbean basin.

Seismic sensors maintained or monitored by Japan and the United States will continue to provide what warnings they can around the Indian Ocean until the region is able to set up its own alert system, which many scientists anticipate could happen as early as next year. - More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005

jpg Candice Hatfield
Candice Hatfield
Photo courtesy KGH

Ketchikan: Hatfield Named KGH Employee of the Month - Candice Hatfield, RN at Ketchikan General Hospital (KGH), has been named Employee of the Month by a committee of her peers.

Hatfield has been with KGH since May of 2001. Working in the ER she has contact with a variety of patients of all ages and in all states of health. Her job requires her to triage, prioritize, administer treatments and medications, teach, counsel and console when appropriate. Hatfield completed nursing school with an Associates Degree I earned through Weber State, in conjunction with UAS and did her clinicals and preceptorship at KGH. - More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005

Alaska: Senator Guess Pushes Funding Down to Classrooms; Legislation Limits School Administration Spending - Senator Gretchen Guess (D-Anchorage) on Friday introduced a bill to ensure more education dollars go to the classroom by restricting how much a school district can spend on administration.

"We know the more resources we can get directly to our classrooms, the better for our students," said Senator Guess.  "Although I am a strong believer in local control, the legislature does have a responsibility to ensure wise use of public funds."- More...
Saturday - January 15, 2005

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photosACS Bids for KPU Telecom: ACS a longtime presence - It was big news in little Ketchikan recently when giant Alaska Communications System (ACS) expressed interest in buying the citizen-owned KPU Telecom division. Because the Ketchikan's utility systems are owned by the municipality, such a sale would require a vote of the residents of the isolated island town of 8,000 located on the shores of Southeastern Alaska's Inside Passage. - Read the rest of this story by June Allen...
Wednesday - January 05, 2005

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