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Bypass concerns
by Amy Schmitt


January 15, 2005

As I travel the new bypass 4 times per day every day of the work week, two other major concerns keep coming to mind. I am wondering why there is no guard rail on the mountain side where there is a massive ditch. It seems to me that this corner has great potential to cause an accident in treacherous conditions, and why is there no protection with such a great drop off?

My other concern is the stretch of grass on the water side. I know there is a line of trees below that would protect the homes on Second Avenue to some extent, but my concern is the potential hazard of a car veering off the road and into those trees. It seems to me that some sort of barrier could prevent tragedy, and even possibly loss of life?

I do appreciate the amenities this new bypass offers, and would like to say that the view and convenience were well worth the wait, but I agree that it seems that several important issues appear to have been overlooked.

Amy Schmitt
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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