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Re: Nothing to Do & Earthquake Effects on Earth
by Wesley Burton


January 15, 2005

Dave, our shortened day is not at all likely to result in a shorter workday. Thus this time will be deducted from our lunch breaks and/or sleep time. Personally, anything that cuts into my sleep time tends to make me cranky. In addition, I learned from a bumper sticker that "Musicians have more fun!" and we all know time flies when you're having fun. Being a talented musician, you probably already feel your days are too short so this news doesn't help. Also 2.68 microseconds is slightly longer than the lifetime of a muonium particle (not sure if that help either...).

If you were to fashion your own reeds for a week you could make a (or another) generous donation to those affected by the earthquake's effects, which could very well cheer you up. If you were to give me your tenor sax, I would personally fashion you some reeds, causing warm feelings all around.

Community members can also help: instead of dumping trash and vehicles on the roadside, take them to the top of high mountains. Eventually the Earth's mass would once again "expand" and this practice would give folks something to do.

Wesley Burton
Ketchikan, Alaska - USA


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