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Endorsement for KIC President
by Stephanie Rainwater-Sande


January 15, 2005

After serving as the KIC President for the last two years, it gives me great pleasure to endorse a first-rate successor for this elected position - the person I am so pleased to endorse is Samuel Bergeron.

Sam is a lifelong resident of Ketchikan and he knows our people well. He has a deep and abiding respect for his Native people, for his elders, and for our Tribe's traditions. Meeting Sam for the first time, you can see that he was taught well by his parents, his grandparents, and his uncles and aunties. He also knows our values, and he knows what the Tribe needs to accomplish in the next term.

Sam has an abundance of experience in public office, having served on the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly for three years and the KIC Tribal Council for two. He has also distinguished himself in committee work in these two bodies, most notably as the Secretary, Treasurer and Finance Chair of the KIC Tribal Council. Sam's not one to sit on the sidelines while others do the work!

As the Vice-Chair of the KIC Housing Committee, Sam was instrumental in the establishment of a partnership with Tlingit & Haida Regional Housing Authority that will bring 26 new homes and construction jobs to our community. I believe that Sam will bring this progressive thinking into other aspects of KIC business, resulting in a dramatic expansion of KIC service areas.

Some other reasons I support Sam's candidacy are that he is a dedicated father and role model to his young family. He lives drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, and he's an honest, smart, and forthright leader. Sam has shown that he's not afraid of taking on work, even if it has meant making tough decisions. Those are the qualities of a true native leader.

Sam Bergeron is the clear choice for KIC President because of what he has done for our people, but even more so because of what he WILL do. Sam will take KIC to the next level of success and accomplishment. Sam will be the catalyst for positive, progressive change in KIC - while still honoring the past. Sam will be respectful to his tribal elders and make them proud of him and proud to be members of our great organization.

Please join me on January 17, 2005 in voting for Sam Bergeron for KIC Tribal Council President

Stephanie Rainwater-Sande
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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