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What's best for our state
by Kara Steele


January 15, 2005

Yes there are a lot of folks from out of town that used to live in Ketchikan that choose to write and voice their opinions on certain things (ANWR drilling, Kids having nothing to do etc). Some make a point to come back home more often than others and visit, and some even plan to move back. As I plan too. But I'm in Kenai, so I'm still in the state. Some just like to write to stir up things that don't need stirring. If you don't live in Alaska anymore, you really can't speak for our state any longer in my book. Whether a job took you outside to the lower 48, or other reasons. The real people it's left too are us that live here. Just because you grew up here back in the day, and have a few relatives here still, yet now you're somewhere in Texas making a living.....well....I'm sorry. Everyone has a right to opinions, and I guess my point is to all this is to you folks from out of town, we know what's best for our state, trust us we do.

Oh, and Mr. Hoff, if you keep up with the Anchorage Daily News, and the Kenai Clarion, you will notice that Unocal has just closed a deal with Agrium (which is closing its doors in October this year). This means MORE oil exploration and MORE natural gas exploration in the Swanson River area (owned by Unocal) than there was in the 80's. So your fear of us running out of fossil fuels by 2040 has no truth to it. We have so many resources just waiting to be tapped into in this vast area, their geologists have proved it just within this last year.

Take care everyone, have a great weekend!

Kara Steele
Kenai, AK - USA


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