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Mahmouud Abbas
by Mark Neckameyer


January 15, 2005

This was supposed to be at least the beginning of the end of Israeli Vs. Palestinian bloodshed.  The new Palestinian President, Mr. Abbas was pledged to do things differently, curb the terrorism so that the two sides could re-institute peace talks and the Israelis could withdraw their troops and the Palestinians could at last have a sovereign homeland.  Then, right before his election, Abbas began campaigning by actually allowing himself to be hoisted and carried on the shoulders of Hamas and other murderers.  These are terrorists who have stated publicly that they deny Israel a right to any existence and have pledged to kill or drive all Israelis "into the sea".  Today's Israelis are mostly children and grandchildren of Holocaust victims and Jews who were driven from Arab lands like Syria, Egypt and Iraq in the 1940s, from Russia in the 1980s.  They are not going anywhere.
Israeli mothers and fathers want their young boys home and out of danger just like we wait for the day our own youngsters can return from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, Israel as a tiny country, cannot give up the buffer they have between their own heartland and a potential sovereign state that allows and encourages terrorist incursions.  This week, apparently to celebrate Abbas' inauguration, Palestinian terrorists attacked over the border and killed several Israelis ... again.  Abbas has not publicly said or done anything to damn the murderers or to assure their sponsors being punished.  Yesterday Prime Minister Sharon of Israel cut off all contact with the new Palestinian government until steps are taken to at least try to contain the terrorism. 
It may be that Abbas cannot do anything.  He appears to be more afraid of Hams et al than he is desirous of attaining a homeland for his people.  It is too bad.  Palestinians need the jobs that are available in Israel and Israel has no choice but to keep the buffer that could be a free Palestine and to just build more and stronger walls to protect their people.  It is a shame!

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA


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