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January 10, 2005

Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

Tongass Narrows Sunrise
Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson



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letter The ACS proposal by Rick Grams - Monday
letter Boat Builder Preserves History by Ann Sutherland - Monday
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National: Bush's second term isn't beginning smoothly - President Bush's second term, which doesn't officially begin until his Jan. 20 inauguration, already is getting off to a rocky start.

Questions about the administration's speed in responding to the tsunami disaster, along with reservations about attorney-general nominee Alberto Gonzales and Bush's Social Security reform proposal, provide evidence that the nation's 43rd president won't benefit from the sort of honeymoon he had upon assuming office in January 2001. - More...
Monday - January 10, 2005

photosNational: Inaugural history packed with tradition - Like most Washington institutions, the presidential inauguration was founded on modest beginnings. But it has since grown into an extravaganza of parades, dinners, balls and parties. - Read...
Monday - January 10, 2005

National: IRS improves ... GOP squabbles... Cold War thinking - If taxpayers confessed their returns were only 90 percent accurate, they would likely face countless demands for receipts and documented records.- More...
Monday - January 10, 2005


jpg Michael ReaganMichael Reagan: Touching the Third Rail - Nothing gets the Democrats' partisan juices flowing faster than Republican attempts to straighten out the ailing Social Security system before the ailment becomes terminal.

Most Americans, unaware of the machinations and deceptions that attended the birth of Social Security when it was signed into law on August 14, 1935, think it's some kind of pension system where they pay premiums in the form of payroll taxes which are put aside in a trust fund from which they can draw benefits once they reach the age of 65. - More...
Monday - January 10, 2005

jpg Dick MorrisDick Morris: Who's A 'Penny Pincher'? - According to New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, America is a land of "penny pinchers" who are not sufficiently generous to the needy in the rest of the world. Citing our relatively low level of per-capita official governmental foreign aid, he refuses to take issue with the recent charge by a U.N. official that we are "stingy." More...
Monday - January 10, 2005

jpg Ann McFeattersAnn McFeatters: Not coming to the presidential ball? Lucky you - Here's another dirty little Washington secret. Inaugural balls are not glamorous. They are not even much fun. And presidents almost never like them.

But they still happen.

This year, at President Bush's second inauguration on Jan. 20, despite his obvious lack of interest in being on the dance floor, there will be nine balls: the Stars and Stripes Ball, the Liberty Ball, the Freedom Ball, the Democracy Ball, the Texas Wyoming Ball (separate from the private Black Tie and Boots Ball sponsored by the Texas State Society on Jan. 19), the Independence Ball, the Constitution Ball, the Patriot Ball and the Commander-in-Chief Ball.- More...
Monday - January 10, 2005

jpg Betsy HartBetsy Hart: Taking aim at the 'Do-Gooders' - Here's one thing I've never really understood: Why, in the mainstream culture, has there long been a presumption of virtue on the part of liberals, but a presumption of malice when it comes to conservatives?

Liberals are just seen as inherently compassionate - often, even by conservatives. I've heard the latter say things like, "Liberals mean well, they're good people, but their policies don't work. ..." Yet has anyone ever heard an avowed liberal say, "Those conservatives are good, well-meaning people, but ..."? - More...
Monday - January 10, 2005

jpg James DerkJames Derk: First rule for computer users: Back up the data - At the risk of reducing my own computer repair business somewhat, I feel compelled to offer some hints as to how people can save themselves some grief.

One of the more common ailments people are bringing us now is dead computers or dead hard drives with sort of doe-eyed looks (remember the cat in Shrek II?) pleading with us to bring them back to life.- More...
Monday - January 10, 2005

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photosACS Bids for KPU Telecom: ACS a longtime presence - It was big news in little Ketchikan recently when giant Alaska Communications System (ACS) expressed interest in buying the citizen-owned KPU Telecom division. Because the Ketchikan's utility systems are owned by the municipality, such a sale would require a vote of the residents of the isolated island town of 8,000 located on the shores of Southeastern Alaska's Inside Passage. - Read the rest of this story by June Allen...
Wednesday - January 05, 2005

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