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Palestinian question response
by Lilian Filanis


January 10, 2005

Charles Collins accusing Israelis of pre-knowledge of 9/11, hinting they were involved somehow and his alleging that Israel controls our government, sounds to me like the outrageous propaganda that Mark Neckameyer wrote about on Friday. I am a Greek American but Mr. Collins remarks sound very anti-Semitic to me! There are something like 3% of the US population that is Jewish and not all of then are 100% supporter of Israel judging by my Jewish friends. Nazis and Arab terrorists and Klansman make up lies like Mr. Collins told. The 9/11 conspirators were from Saudi Arabia. Remember that Mr. Collins?

The Palestinian situation will be tough to settle. Obviously Israel has to give back some of the land they took to be a buffer when they were attacked by the much larger Arab states in the region. It will be hard for them to do that as long as Arab terrorists continue to attack them the same way they are attacking us. We at least have an ocean and 6,000 miles of distance to protect us and the terrorists still, contrary to Mr. Collins nutty claims, have killed thousands of our citizens.

Lilian Filanis
Fairbanks, AK  USA


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