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Palestinian question
by Charles Collins


January 09, 2005

President Bush and Ariel Sharon must solve the conflict of the Palestinian question. However it isn't gong to happen as Israel controls the US Congress and no US Congressman dares vote against any Israel policies in the Middle East . Congress also must send Israel 5-10 billion in foreign aid each year to Israel and Congress doesn't even debate this foreign aid package to a country that continues spying on the US.

The American people would like to know if Israel had prior knowledge of the 9-11 terrorist attack on the WTC. Many intelligence reports say that Israel had knowledge, but the US Government always classifies any spy operations carried out by Israel against the US.

The American press is following the Lawrence Franklin spy case, where he handed over documents dealing with the Iran nuclear projects to members of IAPAC. The Grand Jury is questioning the leaders of the Jewish Lobbyist AIPAC to see if they are receiving US intelligence information and passing this information on to Israel! Nothing will come of this investigation like there will never be a Palestinians State - what Israel doesn't want Israel gets from the US Government.

This Lawrence Franklin spy case will be brushed under the table and the Neo Con will still the control the US foreign policy in the Middle East and this policy of the US government will favor of Israel!

Charles Collins
Hockessin, DE - USA



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