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Serb Propaganda
by Mark Neckameyer


January 07, 2005

It is the nature of rabid nationalist propaganda to tell outrageous lies about "the other guy" and to explain away the errors and terror caused by your own side as lies ... made up by "the other guy".  This is one of the reasons I read SITNEWS daily.  SITNEWS provides links to many news sources so I can try to determine the truth about events in the news for myself.  I even read Al Jazeera.  Yesterday they ran a story that claimed that the Kurdish village called Halabja where we know the residents were killed with poison gas by Saddam and his cousin "Chemical Aly" was only a fictional tale made up by the Kurds and Israeli agents to make the Arabs look bad.  Al Jazeera also ran a story about how the Asian Tsunami may have been caused by the US and India using nuclear weapons to purposely harm Muslims.  Both these stories are patently ridiculous and are great examples of nationalist outrageous propaganda ... as are the recent claims that no Serb rape camps existed in Bosnia made here by our Serb friends.  It is easy for anyone to check this out on-line.

Following are headlines and snippets of stories from the mid 1990s when all of this was occurring from CNN, NEWSDAY, BBC and WASHINGTON REPORTS.  On the Internet I found hundreds, maybe even thousands of stories from credible sources reporting on Serb rape camps and other Serb atrocities.  Sorry Serb friends, it happened.  You should learn to accept the truth and please stop calling names.  Cite evidence or name witnesses but name calling doesn't win people over to your side. 

Newsday, Monday, April 19, 1993. By Roy Gutman (Newsday) Rape Camps - Evidence Serb leaders in Bosnia OKd attacks

EUROPE CORRESPONDENT Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina -- Using flashlights and torches of lighted paper, the Serb military police stole through the darkened indoor sport center in search of female victims. Each night they selected 10 or more Muslim women. The men led them at gunpoint to a nearby house and raped them, witnesses and victims said. One 27-year-old woman told Newsday she was raped up to six times at night. Another woman was raped in the hall before the eyes of the others held there, witnesses said.

World: Europe BBC Friday, April 9, 1999 Published at 20:53 GMT 21:53 UK
US probes Serb rape allegations
Serb soliders are said to have carried out systematic rape

The United States is investigating reports that young Kosovo women are being systematically raped at a Serb army camp and that up to 20 of them have been killed. Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon said that according to accounts from Kosovo, women were being herded into a training camp at Dakovica in the southwest of the province where they were raped by troops.

By Grace Halsell
Washington Report On Middle East Affairs - April/May 1993, Vol. XI, No. 9

The question I've been asked most frequently since my return in February from interviewing Bosnian Muslim women who were victims of Serbian atrocities is whether the Serbian assaults, including gang rapes, are different from what happens in other wars.

July 2, 1996
Web posted at: 11:35 p.m. EDT (0335 GMT) by CNN
Serb leaders didn't prevent Muslim rapes, tribunal told
Some women were herded into camps.

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA


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