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Getting through to young adults
by Archie Inoncillo


January 10, 2005

I'd like to respond to Ms. Steele from Kenai's letter towards Mr. Rettke.

No offense Ms. Steele, but that's not really the way to get through to young adults in the 2000s The "tough luck, deal with it" attitude isn't what works these days. It may be that case for some, but some of these young people are actually striving to for something better, and a lot of them are working for it.

1984 is a lot different from 2004/05. A number of young people have spoken about the amount of activities that can be done in Ketchikan, on the pros and cons side of it I might add. A lot of them talk about doing the outdoorsie type of things such as kayaking, going to the shooting range, golfing, hiking, sports, etc...

But when there isn't something to do, these people don't always JUST complain... They do something about it. A lot of young people I know DO have jobs and DO make the best of what Ketchikan has to offer. Large numbers of young people are working at these tourist shops, the grocery stores, the library, WalMart, etc... They work to make money and also probably to occupy themselves and have cash to spend on the town. Also, some others work at the Youth Court and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Those are some young people working mostly voluntarily to help occupy some even younger minds and be good role models to them, so they use can use their minds to help occupy themselves without getting into trouble. A lot of these people are doing exactly what you did and probably a little bit more I guess, considering the demand for young people going for their dreams.

There's nothing after school and working? And that is all life is to you? There is more to life within school and work, and that is the experiences we have and are dealt with within those topics. Yes, life is a lot of hard work, but is that all people were meant to do? Then we die? Some of us spend every single day trying to make the best of it and thinking there's more to life than work and school and play. I personally am not searching for the Meaning of our existence, but I search for the feeling of life. Yes, work is work. and that's all that it is, but I'm not going to let that ruin my dreams.

You say that Ketchikan is what it is... I beg to differ. It is not JUST a small town on an island. It is a breeding ground for brilliant minds, a nice place to grow up, Alaska's 1st city for tourism, and a home to many people who leave and then come back. Certainly they do move on, but there is always a way back to Ketchikan. There are some people that I see who remained in Ketchikan and making the best of it. Sometimes there isn't a way to move on from this island, but there is most certainly a way to move on from the boredom and the nay saying of others. Yeah move on, but some people don't leave because of the good this city is, has, and does to people.

I suppose you were one of those who had to so move on from this small town on an island. But everyone has wants and needs. And a lot of them still work for it, more than they complain about it. We complain, we deal, we then work to see to make things better as long as there's a demand and hope for it. That is real life.

Archie Inoncillo
Moscow, Idaho - USA


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