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Real Life
by Kara Steele


January 09, 2005

In response to Mr. Rettke's letter, I wanted to point a couple things out here. First you say your 18, and find NOTHING to do in Ketchikan in your age group to do. You don't like the movies, you don't like the bowling alley, you don't care for the rec center (which is nice I may add) and you say you were turned away from this place called the Warehouse because you were too old as it was for the younger crowd. Have you tried working? Do you have a job? I know I did when I was there at 18. That pretty much kept me busy, and the nightlife, my friends and I figured it out for ourselves!

I graduated in 1984, at Kayhi, and we went through the same thing you all do now. Nothing to do. But that really was only when we were 17. By the time we all turned 18 and graduated, most went off to college, or stayed behind to go to vocational school or work etc. That's life! There is nothing after that bud, sorry!

Ketchikan is what it is. Small town on an island. You either deal with it or move on. You're 18 now, old enough to vote, old enough to move away if you choose too. Ketchikan doesn't have the population it had 7 years ago to support building more things for people to use for a while then complain about it later. Sorry but welcome to real life.

Kara Steele
Kenai, AK - USA



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