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Social Security
by Thomas Ferry


January 10, 2005

Michelle Bazie may be right on some of her facts. My problem with social security is that people like me want an option. She mentions nothing about what some people want. If you want to stay in the current system you may do so, but if you want to take a risk and have part of your payroll taxes put into a higher yield account you should be allowed to do so.

The socialists in America do not want that to happen because the risk-takers might end up with a huge retirement that you could pass on to your children compared with the pittance that current recipients now receive, and that is a fact.

We should be allowed to do the same thing with our permanent fund dividends. The state should allow the people who want to have the option to put their yearly amount into the same fund that the state invests in. That way you could get another nest egg going. A state social security of sorts. But that won't happen because it makes too much sense and some people could not or do not want to do this and somebody would end up with more money than somebody else and that's just not fair to the liberals.

And to those with nothing to do in Ketchikan, you must not have any imagination. I was born and raised here - graduated in 1976 - and never have been bored. I'm 46 years old now and play electric bass (recorded 4 albums in L.A.). I do artwork, write stories, build muscle-cars, ride snow machines, coach and participate in boxing, serve on various committees and last night I was building a 40 inch tall model of the space needle, etc etc. I have so many things to do it's mindboggling. Some people are bored where ever they go

Thomas Ferry
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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