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Research on "Rape Camps"
by Todd Thompson


January 10, 2005

I have done the research. My last response wasn't posted. Rape Camps didn't exist. They are only propaganda used by jounalists, editors and politicians. There were detention camps were rapes occurred, but no camps established for the purposes of rape. Serbs had about 60 percent of the camps and the the others had about 40 percent. This fact is probably (common sense) more of a result of military victory (resulting in camps) rather than policy. Rape and other human rights abuses are common in war. The earlier UN resolutions don't tell the story. Research on this should include the following link:

Perhaps the only good thing that happened in the break-up of Yugoslavia is that sexual violence during war was elevated slightly. Although, it really hasn't made a difference. Look at Sierra Leone, Sudan, and other conflicts....nothing has really changed.

Todd Thompson
Sacramento, CA - USA


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