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Leading cause of death in Ketchikan
by Bob Allen


February 04, 2005

Has anyone noticed the amount of people in Ketchikan suffering from Cancer? Nearly every day I hear of some one who has been diagnosted with cancer. So I thought to research into it. Ketchikan is a small town so we each know people who are affected by this disease. However according to the State of Alaska Health Services over the last 8 years from 2002
back, cancer has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in Ketchikan. (Five Leading Causes of Death for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough)

From 2002 and back 10 years 389 persons have passed away from cancer. We only have 13000 residents and who knows how many more get discovered yearly. What is the cause for this increase in cancer? Has anyone considered where it is coming from? Again it is a world wide problem but folks we need to wake up and realize that cancer is here.

The excuse that it is a small town so we see it more is just, but should not be used for denial.

Bob Allen
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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