DJ Joseph Branco
Ketchikan, Alaska


8:00 pm - closing


It is my pleasure to offer the community of Ketchikan a wonderful new "night on the town" opportunity. I would like to invite you all to enjoy an evening of music and dancing at Steamer's on the dock every Friday night. It is my honor to spin musical tracks for the great people of Ketchikan at what I am sure will become the new hot spot Friday Nights.

Prior to moving to Ketchikan, I was a danceclub and rave DJ in Las Vegas. My specialty is mixing trance and house music. But Fridays are all about YOU! If you want to hear non-stop 80's music - tell me, if you want to hear swing music - tell me, if you want high energy dance music like I might play at a danceclub or rave - I'm honored to do it! The crowd every Friday night will determine the music I mix. A good DJ plays off the crowd, but I will do my best to offer you not only what you request, but also a new musical experience: new music.

I have always loved mixing dance music for large crowds, it is an experience hard to express with words. I would love to capture some of that spirit on Friday nights at Steamer's - so lets make that heppen! If you would like CDS of me mixing high-energy dance music - feel free to email me - I will give you one. Also anyone interested in throwing a rave or a techno/house night/event some weekend - please email me.

I hope to see you all at Steamer's every Friday night from 8pm to close. So get those babysitters, postpone that CSI marathon and start living again on Fridays. Besides - dancing is great exercise!

DJ Joseph Branco