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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

July 28, 2005

Front Page Photo by Lisa Thompson

'Tongass Sunset'
Front Page Photo by Lisa Thompson

Ketchikan: Unemployment rate shows predictable June increase - Ketchikan's unemployment rate rose one-tenth of a percentage in June to 6.0 percent according to the latest report released by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Preliminary wage and salary employment estimates for June 2005 reported Ketchikan's labor force to be 8,335. Of that number, 7,856 people were reported employed in Ketchikan. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

Ketchikan: Coast Guard transports injured man - A boat crew from Coast Guard station Ketchikan transported an injured 45-year old man from the fishing vessel Ocean Cape near Grindall Island at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Henry Beadle was working on the deck of the Ocean Cape when he was caught between the ship's power block and railing. The quick-acting crewmen aboard the Ocean Cape were able to free Beadle and revived him by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

Alaska: Bill Noll Appointed Commissioner of Commerce - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski appointed Bill Noll as commissioner of the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development. Noll has lived in Alaska for 37 years, has worked in fishing, tourism and international trade and is a former mayor and city council member of Seward. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

National: Senate ready to pass gunmaker liability shield By EDWARD EPSTEIN - The Senate is poised to give the National Rifle Association a big victory by granting gun manufacturers and dealers immunity from lawsuits arising from criminals' use of their weapons.

The legislation has long been a top priority of the NRA and other gun- rights groups, but has never passed the Senate. The time now seems ripe, however, since the 2004 elections produced a Republican majority of 55 seats, which along with some Democrats in support means the bill has 61 co-sponsors in the 100-member body. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

National: Mulling the mountain of electronic waste By DAVID WHITNEY - There's a mountain of the stuff out there. It's loaded with toxic substances like lead, mercury and cadmium. But no one is clear what should be done about it, or even if government should be doing it.

Such is the situation facing the growing problem of electronic waste - those televisions and computer monitors waiting to be junked by millions of consumers standing in line at electronics stores to buy more. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

Health: Even dad's smoke bad for fetuses By ANITA SRIKAMESWARAN - It's not enough for a woman to stop smoking when she becomes pregnant, a new study suggests. To protect the developing fetus, other family members should stop smoking too, and expectant mothers should stop contact with anyone who smokes.

Pooling data from three earlier studies, Stephen G. Grant, an environmental and occupational health researcher at the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public Health, found that secondhand smoke leads to the same number of genetic mutations in newborns as does smoking by the mother herself. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

National: FTC investigates "Grand Theft Auto" maker - The maker of the popular "Grand Theft Auto" video game revealed this week that they are being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission after admitting that the game contains hidden sex scenes. There has been a storm of publicity over the last two weeks over the scenes, which require a special modification to unlock. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005



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letter Congratulations By Tyrell Rettke - Friday am
letter RIGGING AN ELECTION By David Hanger - Thursday
letter Meddlers By Neil Gray - Thursday
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Handwriting on the wall
By: Larry Wright
The Detroit News
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Columns - Commentary

Ann McFeatters: Bush's nuclear policy regarding India mystifying - When Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was at the White House recently he not only was honored at a rare state dinner, but he also got a surprise gift that stunned many members of Congress.

He went home with a pledge that the Bush administration will help India get more electricity from nuclear-power plants. The catch is that Congress must agree. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

Betsy Hart: Education of tots wasn't always so complicated - I recently wrote about how I think today's parents are too intense when it comes to kids and pre-school. I just think taking a 4-year-old to a specialist to work on scissor skills (a literal example I've seen in news reports on the subject more than once) is a little excessive.

But in that column I wasn't completely straight with my readers; I sort of forgot to mention that for three straight years I ran my own private nursery school. So here's the full disclosure: I wasn't licensed or accredited or regulated in any way. I hired teachers who didn't have a lot of experience with little kids. I made good money and paid no taxes. And the parents absolutely loved it. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

Clifford May: The enemy is an ideology, not a religion - America is not fighting a war against Islam. America is fighting a war against Islamism.

The difference between Islam and Islamism is straightforward: Islam is a religion, a faith, the basis of a great civilization and culture, one that once dominated the world.

By contrast, Islamism is an "ism" - a theory, a doctrine, a political movement. Islamists believe that Muslims have a God-given right to dominate the world. Or, as the Islamist theorist Abdullah Azzam phrased it, a duty to establish "Allah's rule on Earth." - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

Dale McFeatters: Patriot Act still needs fixing - The House recently made 14 of the Patriot Act's expiring provisions permanent and extended two others. It was essentially an exercise in fine-tuning that for the most part managed to retain the act's teeth while protecting civil liberties. But there are still problems, two of which we've been harping on for years.

The first is the act's permanent "sneak-and-peek" provision, which originally allowed law enforcement to delay for a "reasonable period" telling the subject of a court-ordered warrant that his or her property had been searched. The House was supposed to remedy this by putting a limit on how long the authorities could delay notification. But instead of stipulating a specific requirement, lawmakers opted for 180 days, with 90-day extensions, meaning prosecutors could dawdle almost indefinitely before notifying a target of a search. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

Deroy Murdock: Hillary Rodham Clinton's rightward march - If Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's rightward march continues, her media cheerleaders will relaunch her as "Hillary Rodham Goldwater." Sympathetic commentators have ballyhooed the New York Democrat's shift toward the center. Each of her less-than-socialist utterings confirms her mounting moderation.

Don't believe the hype.- More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

John Hall: The real spy crime - The outing of a CIA officer isn't the only potential crime that occurred in the long, tortuous attempt to prove that Saddam Hussein was buying uranium from Africa. There also is the little matter of forgery.

Someone planted fake documents that helped both President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair reinforce their case that Saddam was actively seeking the raw material for an atomic bomb. It was at the heart of the rationale for invading and disarming Iraq - that Baghdad was reconstituting its outlawed nuclear program. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

Michael Fumento: Press slow to acknowledge progress in Iraq - Mark Yost, editorial-page associate editor of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, a Knight Ridder newspaper, committed a major boo-boo. He penned a provocative column on media coverage of the Iraq war, observing that from what his contacts there told him - with apologies to Johnny Mercer - the mainstream media are accentuating the negative and ignoring the positive.

Yost couldn't have imagined he was bathing in blood and throwing himself into the shark tank. His media colleagues were merciless. - More...
Thursday - July 28, 2005

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