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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

July 26, 2005

Front Page Photo by Gail Klein

'Bar Harbor'
Front Page Photo by Gail Klein

Alaska: The Thin Line Between Alaska and Canada by NED ROZELL - Marked by metal cones and a clear-cut swath 20 feet wide, Alaska's border with Canada is one of the great feats of wilderness surveying.

The boundary between Alaska and Canada is 1,538 miles long. The line is obvious in some places, such as the Yukon River Valley, where crews have cut a straight line through forest on the 141st Meridian. The boundary is invisible in other areas, such as the summit of 18,008-foot Mount St. Elias. In the early 1900s, workers cemented boundary monuments made of aluminum-bronze and standing 2.5-feet tall along much of the border's length.

The country that makes up the border is some of the wildest in North America. Spanning a gap equal to the distance between San Francisco and St. Louis, the border intersects only two settlements; Hyder in southeast Alaska and Boundary in the Fortymile country. Starting in 1905, surveyors and other workers of the International Boundary Commission trekked into this wilderness to etch into the landscape a brand-new political boundary. - More...
Tuesday - July 26, 2005


Alaska: Governor Praises Effort Allowing Harvest of Yakutat Timber; Encourages Forest Service to help increase timber production - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski on Monday commended the efforts of the state, the Alaska Forest Association and the U.S. Forest Service that made possible the harvest of a portion of the windblown timber located on 5,800 acres of forest land in the Yakutat Forelands.

The timber in question was blown down in a storm in 2001. In 2003, the Forest Service prepared an environmental assessment to harvest the timber from a roaded portion of the blow down (the "Yakutat I sale"). In 2004 the Forest Service issued another assessment for an additional 659 acres (the "Yakutat II sale"). The Yakutat II permit was appealed by the Yakutat Tlingit tribe because of concerns that the use of trench roads and the log transfer facility would impact salmon habitat within the Situk River. The tribe sought a more extensive environmental impact statement as a condition to permitting. Last May the AFA and the state intervened in the lawsuit. - More...
Tuesday - July 26, 2005

Alaska: Murkowski Establishes Big Game Services Board - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski signed a bill at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Fairbanks office Monday that reestablishes a Big Game Commercial Services Board. The Board will regulate and license big game hunting services and transportation services.

House Bill 76, sponsored by Representative Ralph Samuels, was submitted after a 2003 audit by the Legislature recommending re-establishing the Board in an effort to enhance professionalism by guides and transporters, consumer protection, and hunter safety. - More...
Tuesday - July 26, 2005

Kayhi Nifty-Fifties Reunion
Clark ('54) and Dianne Stump,
Lynda (Davidson) and Bob ('54) Adams.
Photo by Bob Terhar

Ketchikan: Kayhi Nifty-Fifties Reunion By LOUISE BRINCK HARRINGTON, Photos by BOB TERHAR (Class of '59) - One hundred and seventeen people attended the "Kayhi Nifty Fifties Reunion," held in Ketchikan over the Fourth of July weekend.

The celebration began with a no-host bar and cocktail party at Jeremiah's on July 1st, followed by an evening banquet at the Ted Ferry Center on July 2nd. A picnic and barbecue at Ward Lake took up the afternoon of the 3rd and the celebration culminated with the 4th-of-July parade and class float. - More...
Tuesday - July 26, 2005

Ketchikan: "Chamber After hours" - During a recent "Chamber After hours", an event sponsored by the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, Guardian Flight Inc. of Ketchikan rolled out their community safety and awareness program "Your Home is Your Castle."  - More...
Tuesday - July 26, 2005

Ketchikan: Critical-care Flight Team Provides Life Saving Treatment - For the second time in as many weeks, the critical-care flight team from the Ketchikan station of Guardian Flight have administered the life-saving drug, "TNKase."
TNKase is a drug used in heart attack victims to clear the any clots from the arteries of the heart and allow blood and oxygen to return, minimizing any damage.  Unfortunately for some, the drug must be adminsitered in a very short window of time to be effective.  In the rural communites of Southeast Alaska, the chance of getting such a drug in time for it to be effective has been minimal, until now. - More...
Tuesday - July 26, 2005



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letter Thanks Again! By Jerry Cegelske - Tuesday
letter Gravina Bridge By Caroline Luckey - Tuesday
letter What has happened? By Jill Crowder-Hockema - Tuesday
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Grand theft auto
Larry Wright, The Detroit News
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National: Prof puts finishing touches on book of bin Laden speeches By YONAT SHIMRON - What would cause someone to carry out the deadly terrorist attacks in London?

A deep conviction that Muslims have been killed, oppressed and humiliated by the United States and its Western allies.

That, at least, is what drives Osama bin Laden, says Bruce Lawrence, a professor of religion at Duke University. Lawrence is putting the final touches on the first compendium of the terrorist mastermind's speeches.

The volume, due out this fall from Verso Books, includes an introductory overview of bin Laden's thinking and why that thinking is so popular among Muslim jihadists around the globe. - More...
Tuesday - July 26, 2005

National: Boy Scouts embroiled in religious liberty case By LISA HOFFMAN - Fort A.P. Hill - home of the Boy Scout Jamboree and scene of tragedy Monday with the accidental deaths of four adult leaders - is also the site of the latest skirmish in what some call America's religious war.

Scheduled to give a speech to the 40,000 Scouts, leaders and parents assembled there, President Bush will symbolically stride Wednesday night into the battle at the Virginia military installation. - More...
Tuesday - July 26, 2005

International: A lead role for women in warding off AIDS By DORSEY GRIFFITH - Twenty-five years after AIDS hit the U.S., some 40 million men, women and children throughout the world are living with the disease. In Africa alone, AIDS is expected to kill 80 million people by 2025, with women increasingly bearing the brunt of the epidemic.

Costly new drugs can slow AIDS death rates and have had a huge impact in the U.S. and other countries that can afford them. But AIDS remains a dire threat in developing nations, and the great hope for a vaccine to prevent the spread of the disease is still unfulfilled. - More...
Tuesday - July 26, 2005

Wallet Watch: Read the fine print before cashing in that 401(k) By MARY DEIBEL - In this day of do-it-yourself pensions, almost half of those with tax-favored 401(k) retirement savings plans through work cash them in when changing jobs instead of holding onto their retirement nest egg.

A new study of more than 200,000 corporate employees with tax-deferred 401(k) accounts finds that 45 percent cashed out upon quitting - compared to 32 percent who left the account with the former employer and 23 percent who transferred the money to an Individual Retirement Account or other retirement plan.

"With fewer workers tending to remain at one company until retirement, employees may become serial consumers of their 401(k) savings, which can have serious consequences when it comes to their ultimate ability to reach their retirement goals," said study author Lori Lucas of Hewitt Associates. - More...
Tuesday - July 26, 2005

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