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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

July 11, 2005

Front Page Photo by Dick Kauffman

What's cooking in place of gasoline
Joseph Prows and his Chevy greese car...
Front Page Photo By Dick Kauffman


News on the Web

Ketchikan: Ketchikan aquarium project moves along with state help; MONEY AND LAND: The facility would be entirely based on local fish. By TIMOTHY INKLEBARGER - A proposed tourist aquarium and research center in Ketchikan still needs about $40 million, but a contribution of state land and $50,000 in state funding will help push it forward, supporters say. - Read the rest of this ADN story...
Anchorage Daily News - - July 11, 2005


photosKetchikan: What's cooking in place of gasoline by DICK KAUFFMAN - Something's cooking in place of gasoline for Joseph Prows' Chevy greese car! Prows is just one of a small growing network of drivers who are responding to environmental concerns, rising gas prices and dependence on foreign oil by finding ways to steer clear of gas pumps.

Prows, a resident of Ketchikan for the past year, recently converted his diesel Chevy pickup to utilize waste vegetable oil as fuel. Prows said he obtained this waste vegetable oil that only days before made French fries sizzle from local Ketchikan restaurants. Prows said, "It burns clean, smells like Thai food and costs nothing at all." - More...
Monday - July 11, 2005

National: More security for mass transit By KEVIN DIAZ AND ROB HOTAKAINEN - The deadly bomb attacks in London last week opened a new front in the debate on terror.

Airline passengers have learned to take off their shoes and wait in long lines to be screened and frisked, but mass transit riders - the target of the London attacks - have seen little extra security since 9/11.

That could change as Congress returns from its weeklong July 4 recess, with pressure building to shift funding toward public transit systems like the New York subway, which would be much harder to secure. - More...
Monday - July 11, 2005

International: Britons return to old routine - survival mode By ZACHARY COILE - At the height of the Irish Republican Army attacks in Britain a decade ago, Pamela Bleazard was riding a commuter train into central London when a small bomb exploded onboard.

No one was injured, but passengers were trapped inside when the train doors jammed. Instead of panicking, Bleazard, a high school English teacher, recalled, "we all just lit up cigarettes - despite the 'no smoking' signs."

The grit and resilience of Britons in the face of last week's bombings that killed at least 50 people and injured 700 is a product of years of practice, residents say. - More...
Monday - July 11, 2005

National: Pet cremation industry rife with fraud By LISA HOFFMAN - It was a sickening moment when Rob Lauver realized that his beloved dogs, Brandy and Keasha, had been sent to a "glue factory" after a veterinarian had euthanized them.

Calling himself "naive and trusting," Lauver had assumed his Labrador retriever and white German shepherd - which had suffered from old age and cancer, respectively - had been cremated with the dignity befitting their status as Lauver family members. - More...
Monday - July 11, 2005

Alaska: Deal will protect valuable Alaska wetlands By TOM KIZZIA - Conservation groups are putting the last touches on a deal to protect private beach and estuary land at the mouth of the Anchor River, where hundreds of fishermen and overnighters camp every weekend during salmon season.

The scenic berm of gravel, sand and grass, part of an old Anchor Point homestead, has been open for free-form camping for years. The nearest outhouse is a mile away, in an adjacent state recreation area. But that doesn't seem to discourage scores of recreational vehicles, tents and small cars with towels covering the windows. - More...
Monday - July 11, 2005



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letter Beating a dead horse By Glenn Bell - Monday
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letter Above the Law? By Don Hoff Jr. - Sunday
letter Airport Ferry Fares By Terri Lee - Sunday
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letter There They Go Again; Media Unfairly Portrays Legislature By Vic Kohring - Friday
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Global warming
By: Larry Wright
The Detroit News
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Home Maintenance

Dwight Barnett: Keeping asphalt shingles algae-free - Q: On many roofs with asphalt shingles I notice black streaks. New light-colored orange-red asphalt shingles were installed on our roof about six years ago, and now I notice the dark streaks forming. I went up to observe if there was any residue at the origin of the streaks, and there was none. The dark-colored material seems to come out of the shingles.

Do you know what causes these streaks, how they can be prevented and how to get rid of them once they form? - T.K., Elkhart, Ind. - More...
Monday - July 11, 2005

Yard Smart

Maureen Gilmer: Bleeding hearts need not hark back to kinder times - "Kind hearts are the garden, kind thoughts are the root, kind words are the blossoms, kind deeds are the fruit."  

Those are the Victorian sentiments of John Ruskin as he spoke of the gentle beauty of delicate flowers. They lie sequestered in shady dells and forest glades. They are ephemeral, blooming for a time in spring before the onset of summer heat. Their foliage is fern-like, wispy and fragile. With the dog days of summer they may die back entirely to wait out the dry season before winter.  - More...
Monday - July 11, 2005

Columns - Commentary

James K. Glassman: China oil deal: pols stay away! - What's all the fuss? An energy company based in Hong Kong called CNOOC, Ltd. - small by international standards - a few weeks ago bid $18.5 billion in cash to buy another small energy company, Unocal, based in California. The bid was nearly $2 billion higher than a previous offer for Unocal by Chevron, a larger U.S.-based firm.

It's a straightforward transaction - one of dozens of billion-plus deals each year that involve global corporations. But it has ignited a storm of controversy. - More...
Monday - July 11, 2005

Dale McFeatters: The voyage of Discovery - The future of manned spaceflight - a return to the Moon, an eventual landing on Mars - is not really in doubt. The instant question is whether this generation will accomplish this or whether those feats will be left for another generation in perhaps another land.

We will have an early hint as to the answer when the shuttle Discovery, subject to the vagaries of weather and its own intricate construction, blasts off with seven astronauts and 15 tons of cargo for a 13-day mission to re-supply the international space station.

It will end the painful and prolonged hiatus imposed on the shuttle program when the Columbia broke up on reentry Feb. 1, 2003, because of a seemingly remote and insignificant event - a small piece of insulating foam striking the leading edge of the shuttle's wing. - More...
Monday - July 11, 2005

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