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Rep. Don Young's Smoking Pot Comment
By Robert McRoberts


July 10, 2005

Recently Don Young made the comment that all who opposed the bridge are smoking pot. Just how did he come up with that scenario? Did Rep. Young have the government spend a lot of time doing back ground checks on every one who opposed this bridge to nowhere? Or is this just what Rep. Young says about every one that disagrees with him? Well, I feel Rep. Young needs to stop and smoke a joint so he can think about how long this is going to take to build and how a borough government that is close to broke is going to spend more money to take care of more area. He's just old and bull headed. I really think he's ready to retire - maybe he's just got to do one more big job so we can name this bridge after him. (The Don Young Bridge To Nowhere).
There is no reason for Ketchikan to start defacing the view almost everyone enjoys so much. All the property values will go down. Our taxes are going to go up. But yet we need to expand for all these businesses that are waiting to come to Ketchikan.

I wrote a letter asking about these other properties above Point Higgins that the Borough wanted the fire station out of the way for access to. But no one has the courage to tell us. By the way, just who is waiting to come and develop there?
I want to keep this short so I will close by saying the only thing that is going to save Ketchikan is a road out so we can be the first city and the gateway to Alaska again. The sooner that gets done the better, because time is money and for all you waste on this thing the more it will take from us. So just get us a better ferry that has no cabin in the middle so big loads can get on it easier.
So there I go again giving my opinion! It's better than whining about not having any money when I came back from vacation or how fast we are driving. We all know if it's dark and rainy we need to slow down.

And if you're on South Tongass, how do you fall asleep on that road?

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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