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Don Young's Comment Unbelievable
By Linda Williams


July 11, 2005

I can't believe it! At first when I read the letter from Don Hoff Jr. quoting Rep. Don Young about the people who say it's a bridge to nowhere are just smoking pot, I couldn't believe it. Then I saw the posting from Robert McRoberts stating the exact same thing; it was still hard to believe. I had go to the Ketchikan Daily News site. Sure enough...there it was. Not that I doubted the two of you - that one was just hard to swallow.

To think that a person that has been elected to that seat by the good people of Alaska (not all of them mind you) would make a general statement like that is just unbelievable! That comment is so offensive. Just because we don't agree with him, we're smoking pot? What happened to everyone being allowed to his or her own opinion? Also in that article he stated that he would never retire, that as long as we vote him in, he would be there, he loves what he does. Well, I think it's about time we retire him! I am allowed my own opinion, without being told that just because I don't agree with him I'm smoking pot. I agree with the statement, it's a "bridge to nowhere", and I'm not smoking pot either! I also agree with Robert McRoberts, why deface a view that nearly everyone enjoys. I happen to live on the waterfront, and I enjoy looking out my front window and seeing the activity in the channel with the boats, killer whales, and eagles teaching their young to fly during the spring, seeing the seals. I don't want to look out my window and see a bridge to nowhere, talk about spoiling a good view. But I guess all of that doesn t matter, because according to Rep. Young, I'm just smoking pot, what does my opinion matter? If that's the case, I guess my vote won't matter to him either. Too bad this wasn t election year for him, but I ll remember this comment come his election year, and I will try my best to remind everyone of this comment as well.

Linda Williams
Saxman, AK - USA


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