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Proposal To The NYSE
By Kevin McMahon


July 11, 2005

Stamp, Coin and Baseball Card collecting have been contributing to individuals self esteem and satisfying family enjoyment for many, many years - and the very fabric, freedom, and integrity of our financial, federal and state foundations were built from the integrity of this premise and the ethics it brought about. The stability of a peoples' republic in a democracy, The DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, 1776 - and the famous {TWO DOLLAR BILL} originate from and demonstrate the appreciation of our great nation and the wisdom of integrity passed on through memories and pictures on stamps, coins and baseball cards which define the world we live in.

Considering this, "Stoomzee" thought it helpful to offer advice and assist to establish an official collectible series of "Stock-Traders Classical-Collectible-Tradable-Cards" as a contributory service to the New York Stock Exchange and it's members, enhancing the individual view of integrity of traders, collectors, investors and the public. It is intended that the "Cards" be bonded, certified, insured and distributed exclusively at the NYSE exchange, free of charge, acting upon the unanimous discretion of a special panel within the NYSE and elected outside officials.

This service is to preserving the future financial stability representing financial markets, integrity, around the world. These cards will be generously awarded to the many young adults and randomly chosen individuals who visit the NYSE each business day of the year. They may be bar-coded and usable in several public and private places. The "Cards" might possibly be nick-named "Stoomzee Trading Cards", "Stoomzee Cards" for short or "NYSE Cards" and will include a specific and statistical nature of the trader, floor broker, specialist and the firms they represent, as they portray a behavior on the floor which represents a physical form of integrity in the marketplace...Each day one lucky person who visits the NYSE will be given an opportunity to meet the trader on the card he or she receives and the trader will autograph the card and it will become a "Special" - "Picture Card" of the "NYSE Trader Card Collection".

In addition, the "Cards" will be produced with a real genuine face value, redeemable and payable to the bearer on demand, in the form of a steel-engraved NYSE check, issued from a special account of the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, Manhattan, NY. The value after issuance of the card may be determined by the NYSE member/firms and is subject to the buyers best bid/ask prices...The required responsibility on behalf of the NYSE is to regulate and guarantee payment in full on demand, representing face value of the "Card", which as with any collectible, a market will create and dictate it's own value...

This Proposal is hereby declared to have been written and constructed by Kevin McMahon and made public on Mother's Day 2003 in the interest of helping the state of Integrity of, Individuals, Companies, The New York Stock Exchange, The United States Government, Foreign Governments, International Commerce, World Financial Markets and on behalf of "Stoomzee" and it's affiliates.

Kevin McMahon
Northport Long Island, New York - USA


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