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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
June 15, 2010

M/V Susitna Christened

M/V Susitna
The christening of the M/V Susitna at the Ketchikan Shipyard Friday.
The M/V Susitna is the largest vessel built in Alaska.
Listen to the audio about the christening MP3
Photo courtesy Office of the Governor

Ketchikan: Cunningham Holds On Through Week Three To Win 63rd Annual Derby - Robert Cunningham had to wait from his home in Nampa, Idaho, unable to participate in the final weekend of the 63rd Annual Ketchikan CHARR King Salmon Derby, and just hoping that no one would best his 42.4-pound king caught during the second weekend. He breathed a sigh of relief at 11:01 pm Mountain Standard Time as the derby ended with him on top.

Cunningham Holds On Through Week Three To Win 63rd Annual Derby

Robert Cunningham holds on through week three to win 63rd Annual Derby with a 42.4-pound king weighed in at Clover Pass Resort.
Photograph courtesy Ketchikan CHARR King Salmon Derby

Cunningham, who has frequented Ketchikan over the years to fish with local friends, has only participated in the derby one other time. "It was the biggest king I've ever caught," he said by phone from his home. "Everyone keeps asking me how long it took to reel in. To be honest, I can't remember. I was so excited that I don't know how long it took." The winning king was caught near Survey Point and spooled a bunch of line the first time it got close to the boat. The second time around the fish had tired and Cunningham's fishing partners were able to net the fish worth $10,063. The fish was weighed in at the Clover Pass Resort weigh-in station minutes after being caught.

Jessie Embree, the leader after week one, held on to finish in second.

Keenan Sanderson swept in with a 27.8 pound king on June 12 and a 27.6-pound king on June 13, both weighed in at Clover Pass Resort, winning the youth ladder introduced into this year's derby. Sanderson's two entries earned him the top two spots on the ladder, although derby rules will only allow him to be eligible for one ladder prize. Matthew Jessen held the 3rd, 4th, and 5th places on the youth ladder with kings turned in at Mountain Point on Friday. - More...
Tuesday - June 15, 2010

Fish Factor: Project underway to count sea otters throughout Southeast Alaska By LAINE WELCH - A project that gets underway next month aims to count sea otters throughout Southeast Alaska, where the animals pose a growing threat to several important fisheries.

The two year collaboration includes three segments, said Sunny Rice, a Sea Grant Marine Advisory agent in Petersburg.

"The population estimate, which will be done by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, a diet study, will be primarily done by the School of Fisheries and Ocean Science and Sea Grant, and an tagging and tracking project funded by the North Pacific Research Board which will be done by all of us together," Rice said.

Sea otters were hunted almost to extinction by Russian fur traders a century ago. Four hundred animals were reintroduced in six locations around the state about 45 years ago; since then the Alaska population has grown to about 75,000 animals. Roughly 11,500 sea otters are estimated throughout Southeast, but that was five years ago. They are able to reproduce at any time of the year and they have a population doubling time of about 5 years, said Nathan Soboleff at USFWS in Juneau.

Several lucrative dive fisheries have been closed, due to presumed sea otter predation.

"What we're trying to do is estimate the take of four commercially important species by sea otters - Dungeness crab, geoduck clams, urchins and sea cucumbers," said Zac Hoyt, a diver and research biologist.

"When you're under water in a geoduck bed, it's pretty amazing how efficient otters are at getting these clams that burrow a couple or three feet under the sand. It's literally like a back hoe has been on the bottom."

At a meeting last week in Ketchikan, Phil Doherty, director of the Southeast Alaska Regional Dive Fishery Association, said the booming otter population is a big concern.

The sea otters are primary predators of everything we fish for in a number of areas they have completely wiped out the sea urchins and sea cucumber fisheries, and they are starting to make inroads into some of our geoduck areas" he said. "Over the long term, if there isn't some sort of more active management plan for sea otters, I'm not going to say it will be completely wiped out, but it certainly will be scaled back tremendously, Doherty said, adding that the dive fisheries had a value of $8 million at the Southeast docks.

Also worried about increased otter predation are Dungeness crab fishermen.

"It will be nice to verify what we're hearing from crabbers - they'll go into a bay and see evidence of sea otter predation all along the shore, and at the same time, they're not catching any crab in their pots in that same area," said Sunny Rice. "There is just such a lack of information for a fishermen to try and make predictions about holding onto a Dungeness permit for another 15 years. If we can get data that gives them something to go on, we will have done something positive." - More...
Tuesday - June 15, 2010


Alaska: Alaska Retirement Management Board Settles Lawsuit Against Former Pension Actuary; Half-a-billion dollar payment likely the largest on record nationally - Attorney General Dan Sullivan announced Friday that the Alaska Retirement Management Board (ARM Board) has settled the lawsuit against its former actuary, Mercer, regarding claims of professional malpractice, breach of contract and unfair trade practices in advising the state on management of the Alaska Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) and the State of Alaska Teachers' Retirement System (TRS), which face billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities.

The settlement agreement calls for a $500 million payment in exchange for dismissal of the ARM Board's lawsuit with prejudice. After deducting court costs and the contingency fee for outside counsel, the state public pension systems will receive about $403 million. The payment must be made within 60 days.

"This is a great result for the ARM Board and most importantly for Alaska state workers and retirees," said Sullivan, who personally negotiated the settlement. "This is a significant settlement that will benefit the state and our citizens. We have been informed that by a large margin it is the largest such settlement in history for this kind of claim." - More...
Tuesday - June 15, 2010

Ketchikan: Check your ELT or EPIRB before flight or leaving the dock - The Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad (KVRS) unit reported a 121.5 signal in the Refuge Cove area on Friday, June 11, 2010, at 4:16 pm. The KVRS Direction Finding Team (DF) was dispatched and after a short search the signal was located on board an aircraft in the Refuge Cove area. The aircraft was in no distress, the owner was contacted and responded the aircraft to secure the ELT.

This was the third 121.5 activation in as many weeks. Jerry Kiffer of KVRS advises the recent rash of calls for the DF crew are normal and seem to go in cycles.

KVRS has for years tracked ELT, EPIRB, and stuck microphone signals in the Ketchikan area and would like to remind all owners of 121.5 emergency beacons, that the United States Coast Guard (USCG) is no longer monitoring the satellite system, that has for years been the primary notification for emergency services like KVRS. - More...
Tuesday - June 15, 2010

Southeast Alaska: Southeast's Got Talent - Ever dreamed of being discovered at a talent show like "American Idol" or "So You Think You can Dance?"

You'll have your chance at the 2010 Southeast Alaska State Fair.

The Southeast Alaska State Fair will host a regional, all-ages talent show, "Southeast's Got Talent," at 8 p.m. on Thursday, July 29, the first day of the four-day fair.

The contest winner will receive a $500 prize and $250 travel stipend to travel to the statewide "Alaska's Got Talent" competition Sept. 6 at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.

The Alaska State Fair will provide the Southeast winner with fair admission, a meal chit for the contestant and a guest, on-grounds parking, and confirmed slot in the statewide competition's finals lineup. The statewide grand prize is $5,000. - More...
Tuesday - June 15, 2010

Alaska Science: The missing polar bears of St. Matthew Island By NED ROZELL - "We landed on St. Matthew Island early on a cold gray August morning, and judge our astonishment at finding hundreds of large polar bears . . . lazily sleeping in grassy hollows, or digging up grass and other roots, browsing like hogs."

The missing polar bears of St. Matthew Island

A drawing of polar bears on St. Matthew Island that appeared in Harper's Weekly Journal of Civilization in 1875.

Henry Wood Elliott wrote this account for Harper's Weekly Journal of Civilization in 1875. Elliott was a U.S. government biologist studying fur seals on the Pribilof Islands and overseeing the harvest of their skins, used to make fur coats. In 1874, he made a trip a few hundred miles north to St. Matthew Island to confirm the rumor of hundreds of polar bears that spent their summers on one of the most remote islands in the Bering Sea.

Elliott and his party explored the island for nine days and had polar bears in sight each minute. He estimated there were at least 250 bears on the island, and the bears seemed in excellent condition, though they were molting their winter fur. This summer, there are no polar bears on St. Matthew Island. None have spent their summers on the 32-mile long, 4-mile wide island in more than a century. In the summer of 1899, members of the Harriman Expedition visited St. Matthew and found - to their great disappointment - no polar bears.

What happened to the polar bears that summered on St. Matthew? A few scientists have pondered this question in a paper they will soon submit to a journal. The lead author is Dave Klein, who visited St. Matthew Island, part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, in the 1950s, 1960s, 1980s, and the 2000s.

Klein, a professor emeritus at the University of Alaska's Institute of Arctic Biology is almost as active in research at 83 as he was when he was 63 and 43. In the paper he writes that people wiped out St. Matthew's polar bears.

First came the Russians. Just before the United States purchased Alaska in 1867, a group of them overwintered on the island in hopes of harvesting a bounty of skins from polar bears and arctic foxes. - More...
Tuedsay - June 15, 2010


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letterA letter to North Tongass Residents By Rodney Dial - My wife and I work 2 jobs each, 7 days a week. We are trying to be responsible citizens providing for our families, and preparing for our future. It's a challenge to say the least when just providing simple things like braces for our children costs $800 per month. - More...
Tuesday - June 15, 2010

letterLibrary Site By Suzan Thompson - Being old enough to remember when the downtown core was a thriving, vibrant business and residential district, and having a lot of nostalgia for the days when there were about fifty little mom-and-pop businesses down there which were open all year long, I was one of those people who really wanted to see the library stay downtown. However, after having been to almost all the meetings where the location of the library was a topic of discussion, and having listened to all the public comment and all the pros and cons, even I am finally convinced that the Copper Ridge site is the better choice. - More...
Tuesday - June 15, 2010

letterTax Payers' Revelation By Don Borders - The current outcome of the various state primaries for political seats have reflected the voices of the people concerned with the excess big government spending by electing conservative primary candidates. Elections this fall are going to be an eye-opener for the current elect. - More...
Thursday - June 10, 2010

letterYES! The Public Library Should Stay Downtown By Robert D. Warner - Three cheers to the grass roots folks responsible for the petition drive to keep the Ketchikan Public Library in the downtown core area. It just makes good sense that a public vote on the issue would be the first step in deciding possible locations for the public library. I find it most unfortunate that this critical step was never taken or encouraged by city and library managers. As a result, significant funds have been spent and public frustration aroused with little accomplished. We are very fortunate that this group moved forward to ask city residents where they would like to locate their public library. - More...
Thursday - June 10, 2010

letterSummer Dungeness fishery By Mike Moyer - It's a serious issue that demands serious attention and we need to have the resource on our minds. Being a commercial fisherman is a good thing. I come from a commercial fishing family and am proud of that. - More...
Thursday - June 10, 2010

letterDemocracy Is Messy By Samuel Bergeron - Winston Churchill said "Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried". I'm grateful I live in a country that allows its citizens to criticize and challenge its government. The decision to start a ballot initiative to require the City to build a future library on property it already owns and keep it in downtown Ketchikan was well considered by our group. We are made up of planners, builders, citizens, land developers, local business leaders, realtors and concerned community members of both the City and Borough. We are united in the concept that the library should be centrally located downtown so all of the public has convenient access. After all, it is a Public Library. - More...
Wednesday PM - June 09, 2010

letterLower property tax rate is good for all By Rodney Dial - On Tuesday as I was reading the paper you could have knocked me over with a feather after I saw that the Borough Assembly reduced the mill rate (they had been discussing raising it). As a frequent critic of local government I feel that it is only right to say "thank you". - More...
Wednesday PM - June 09, 2010

letterThank you By Becky Burnham - Thank you to the officers and volunteers who risked their lives to save our friends (and my bridesmaid), Stacie Cavner's, life, and the lives of all who could be saved in the plane. - More....
Wednesday PM - June 09, 2010

letterCapital Budget By Maj Gen Thomas H. Katkus - Alaska requires infrastructure to reach resources and improve the economy. Governor Sean Parnell created the Alaska Military Force Advocacy and Structure Team (AMFAST) to provide recommendations for cooperative projects that support and expand the military industry in our state. As chairman of the AMFAST, I am pleased to tell you that our short-term strategic plan has already yielded success! - More...
Wednesday PM - June 09, 2010

letterLibrary Location By Amanda Kiely and Drew Lindner - The purpose of a public library is to provide its patrons with resources, information, and materials. As of late, though, it seems this central objective has been completely lost in the debate over where to build our new library. - More...
Wednesday PM - JUne 09, 2010

letterMilitary support and Tanana Bridge project By Maj. Gen. Thomas H. Katkus - The State of Alaska and the communities of Fairbanks and North Pole should join me in thanking Rep. Mike Kelly and Governor Sean Parnell for supporting the rail bridge over the Tanana River. This bridge is the first step in completing our rail connection to Fort Greely and to Canada. More importantly, it provides dependable year-round access to the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex. This training area is one of the largest in the country. Reliable access provides an exceptional opportunity to all branches of our military to exercise and train in a realistic and challenging environment without public disruption. - More...
Wednesday PM - June 09, 2010

letterDungie clarification By Chris Snyder - Apparently Mr. Moyer misunderstood the relevant gist of my letter. So, I repeat: "...if there are legitimate conservation issues, then by all means lets restrict crabbing--for everyone." That is not a question. It is a statement. - More...
Monday - June 07, 2010

letterCOURTESY By Cecelia Johnson - My family and I were out enjoying the sunny weather recently and took a drive out North. We stopped in a store to purchase a refreshing bottle of water and snacks. An unnamed store has a very rude clerk. This individual's whole persona exhibited ill manners! We need Mystery Shoppers. Another Northend store clerk was also very rude. I purchased an item and received a "look of disdain" with no thanks before I walked out! - More...
Monday - June 07, 2010

letterRE: Library Location By Pat Long - Kudos to Nathan Brooks for a well thoughtout and reasonable letter. - More...
Monday - June 07, 2010

letterLibrary Location: Ballot initiative By Chris J. Herby - It seems that here in Ketchikan there always needs to be a divisive issue to keep everyone from getting bored. This year's issue appears to be the location of the proposed new library. - More...
Friday - June 04, 2010

letterLibrary Location By Nathan Brooks - There are many generations of my family living in Ketchikan. There are always issues in any community which cause conflicts and differing opinions. However, Ketchikan is reaching a level of constant conflict which is making it difficult for me and mine to want to live here any longer. - More...
Friday - June 04, 2010

letter Ketchikan City Council and private business By Charles Edwardson - I would like to retract any statements about the Ketchikan City Council meddling and intervening in the private sector. I criticized them for meddling and intervening in a cab company's request to invest their own money to improve their own business, - More...
Friday - JUne 04, 2010

letterBill Walker for Governor By Lawrence "Snapper" Carson - As Alaskans we have a lot to be thankful and grateful for. What a beautiful place to work, play and live. Its stewardship should be of utmost importance to all us. We have the opportunity this year to elect a governor who has the interest and ability to make Alaska a better place for all Alaskans. His name is Bill Walker, he was born in Alaska and has worked and raised his family as a life long Alaskan. - More...
Friday - JUne 04, 2010

letterMemorial Day By Joel W Jackson - This past Monday my family and I had the honor of attending Ketchikan's Memorial Day services at our local cemetery. It is a tradition that my mother passed on to me and I have tried to pass on to my children. - More...
Friday - June 04, 2010

letterCrab Question By Mike Moyer - To answer Chris Snyder's' question: Yes there are legitimate concerns over the handling of crab by the commercial fleet during the summer months and increased mortality occurs during this time. It is known that simply handling crab causes stress and increases mortality. Handling crab during the summer months during molting and mating increases that mortality even more. The numbers of crab handled by commercial boats would obviously be greater than sport fishers because they are using more pots and trying to target more crab. - More...
Friday - JUne 04, 2010

letterReal Men By Al Johnson - My comment to Representative Ethan Berkowitz, "Real Men do not KILL Babies". - More...
Friday - June 04, 2010

letterRe: Dopey Mushers By Alan R. (Rudy) McGillvray - What a wonderful thing is propaganda. Mr. William R. Hearst launched a propaganda assault against hemp (marijuana by another name) because he could make paper more cheaply using wood pulp instead of hemp pulp. He and Harry Anslinger of the FDA, (a tool of a tax and spend rich Democrat, J.P. Morgan, who was Sec. of the Treasury at the time) saw a way to turn a whole class of people into criminals. So they all launced a propaganda campaign against Pot, hemp, marijuana, and managed to turn public opinion, against a mostly harmless substance, that did not even approach illegality or harmfullness of heroin, but through their propaganda campaign, managed to turn it into something even more powerful than heroin. Peoples' perception. - More...
Friday - June 04, 2010

letterCommander-In-Chief Went AWOL By Donald A. Moskowitz - As a Navy veteran, I am appalled President Obama, our Commander-In-Chief, did not lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day 2010. Instead, he went on vacation. - More...
Tuesday PM - June 01, 2010

letterLibrary Location By Chris Elliott - It would be interesting to know what the community's reaction was when the new high school was built at the top of that huge hill "out the road" (Fourth & Madison). -More...
Tuesday PM - June 01, 2010

letterGulf Oil Spill By A.M.Johnson - Just a thought. Do you suppose that Cletus and Barney, a couple of rednecks, hold the solution to cleaning up the oil spill? - More...
Tuesday PM - June 01, 2010

letterSlow moving vehicles By Kim Morton - Just wanted to post a rant about the slow moving eclectic golf carts that I have ran into out south and now out by Wal-Mart. I am pretty sure these cars need to stay in town and seeing them driving down the road when it's supposed to be 50 mph is frustrating to say the least. - More...
Tuesday PM - June 01, 2010

letterIllegal Immigration Healthcare Costs Affect YOU! By Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. - The national spotlight is on Arizona for doing what the Federal government and previous Governor Napolitano refused to do: rein in an invasion of illegal aliens bankrupting our state (Arizona). At an August 2009 healthcare Town Hall in Phoenix, legislators said that more than half of Arizona's 4 billion dollar budget deficit was the result of paying for three areas of services to illegal immigrants: education, healthcare, and incarceration. - More...
Tuesday PM - June 01, 2010

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