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Ketchikan City Council and private business
By Charles Edwardson


June 04, 2010

I would like to retract any statements about the Ketchikan City Council meddling and intervening in the private sector. I criticized them for meddling and intervening in a cab company's request to invest their own money to improve their own business,

They were denied , then a slow moving car company tourist business requested that they would like to add to the slow moving vehicles around town and the City Council allowed that to happen???

The slow moving car guys apparently did not suffer from the same type of "needs assessment or public outcry" as the cab company so all is well I guess.

The reason I would like to retract my criticism is that,, I and a few other contractors (not going to name them) did our own needs assessment at Fat Stans and have decided Ketchikan does not need any more contractors due to the amount of people who utilize the service, and the amount of competition it will create. It is unfair to allow more guys to invest in their own tools, work vehicles, and buy their own insurance ,workmans' comp, materials, etc etc, .

Our "needs assessment" indicates we have enough contractors.. Now I would like some meddling and intervention for the contractors who are established and have a strong hold on the market share available.

Sounds pretty silly right??? Of course I am being sarcastic. This type of regulation and or needs assessment would not work in the real world -- only here in Ketchikan and only in certain cases I guess.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK


Received June 04, 2010 - Published June 04, 2010



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