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Re: Dopey Mushers
By Alan R. (Rudy) McGillvray


June 04, 2010

What a wonderful thing is propaganda. Mr. William R. Hearst launched a propaganda assault against hemp (marijuana by another name) because he could make paper more cheaply using wood pulp instead of hemp pulp. He and Harry Anslinger of the FDA, (a tool of a tax and spend rich Democrat, J.P. Morgan, who was Sec. of the Treasury at the time) saw a way to turn a whole class of people into criminals. So they all launced a propaganda campaign against Pot, hemp, marijuana, and managed to turn public opinion, against a mostly harmless substance, that did not even approach illegality or harmfullness of heroin, but through their propaganda campaign, managed to turn it into something even more powerful than heroin. Peoples' perception.

If you recall they even had a hokey, even at the time, movie made of the dangers of marijuana, called "Reefer Madness" wherein those portrayed. turned into sex maniacs, and all sorts of anti-societal people. Do you really think so? I have seen many a fight, egged on by alcohol abuse, many children become the product of alcohol abuse as in unloved, neglected, and just not cared for, by alcoholics. Whereas I have never seen the same if the children's parents smoked pot. I have never seen a fight instigated by a person under the influence of pot.

The prohibition of pot, reefer, hemp, marijuana isn't working, and realize it or not, WE HAVE LOST, the WAR ON DRUGS. We are spending ourselves in to the poorhouse, at the rate of $30bn a year just to prohibit a substance that wasn't even mentioned in polite society 80 years ago. Your great-grandmothers used to use it for a cooking spice.

All due respect to law enforcement, but don't you think your time is better spent elswhere?

Yours for a better America and ALASKA,

A. Rudy McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Long-time resident of Ketchikan and Alaska."

Emailed May 21, 2010 -- Received June 03, 2010 - Published June 04, 2010


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