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Tax Payers' Revelation
By Don Borders


June 10, 2010

The current outcome of the various state primaries for political seats have reflected the voices of the people concerned with the excess big government spending by electing conservative primary candidates. Elections this fall are going to be an eye-opener for the current elect.

One of our own local governments, the Borough Assembly, has continued to act like there is an unlimited source of monies, our taxes, to tap for their pet projects. I am referring to one "white elephant", White Cliff school building. Their decision to sell it to a contractor for $500,000 and then a few years later buying it back for $9.56 million equivocates to a $9.06 million dollar remodel job of the first two floors of contractor owned property. Meanwhile renting the same property for $41,260.00 per month or $495,120.00 per year. While they, the Assembly, know the old Pulp Mill office property will be vacated as soon as they can get the salaried staff off their butts and start working on the pulp mills' division and sale.

Where is the common sense in this mismanagement? Borough Assembly member Painter is reported stating in this Thursday's Ketchikan Daily paper June 10, 2010: "make it fair and even for contractors". What is with the government handouts on the local level? What has happened to competitive bids? Do we have an elected big government in mind-set? The US department of Labor reported this spring that the average government salaried staff wage has exceeded the average taxed populous' wages. To top this off we are giving excessive handouts at the expense of the local tax base.

Suggestion: Wait till the Old Pulp mill office is vacant then use the monies from the sale to the state and then remodel the Pulp Mill offices, (the second time in less than 10 years) to meet the Boroughs office needs. It makes sense to have the Borough offices out in the Borough anyway. Let the City of Ketchikan buy the old White "elephant" Cliff building because they have outgrown their current space. Then, after moving, the city can move the library into the current city office building. The City Government will be happy to have more space and be out of downtown and off Front Street, the Library will have a new location, with more space, right on Front Street and able to buy new books with saved funds. The Borough will have almost unlimited space out in the new location in Ward Cove. Doing thus will save Ketchikan taxpayers 10's of millions of dollars in taxes. Therefore, doing it, we can get on with Ketchikan being fairly represented by local governments with common sense. Additionally put the tax monies where they will do the best back into the pockets of the Ketchikan people.

Don Borders
Ketchikan, AK


Received June 10, 2010 - Published June 10, 2010


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