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Commander-In-Chief Went AWOL
By Donald A. Moskowitz


June 01, 2010
Tuesday PM

As a Navy veteran, I am appalled President Obama, our Commander-In-Chief, did not lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day 2010. Instead, he went on vacation.

The Commander-In-Chief has an obligation to fulfill his responsibilities to our deceased soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who gave their lives to keep this country free. He has a duty to respect our veterans and support our military forces who are currently fighting two wars.

If a military member did not show up for duty he or she would be punished, including the possible loss of pay, a reprimand, a demotion, or in a theater of war operations, the potential exists for incarceration. Our Commander-In-Chief deserves to be punished, and the punishment is to make him a one term president.

Only two previous presidents missed laying the wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. Ronald Reagan was caught up in a prolonged economic summit in 1983 and George H. W. Bush was campaigning in 1992. Prior miscues by presidents cannot justify Obama's dereliction of duty. He should have changed his vacation plans or taken time out to be at Arlington National Cemetery.

Our phantom Commander-In-Chief, who refused to wear an American flag in his lapel during the presidential campaign, and who did not place his hand over his heart for the national anthem at another campaign event, has just gone AWOL on Memorial Day 2010.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, NH


Received June 01, 2010 - Published June 01, 2010



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