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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

August 26, 2005

Front Page Photo by Tom Butterfield

Pennock Island's Eight-mile Challenge
Swimmers Debby Spence and Chris Wilhelm
take a break Wednesday from training for the Pennock Island Challenge.
Front Page Photo by Tom Butterfield

Ketchikan: Pennock Island's Eight-mile Challenge By M.C. KAUFFMAN - The Pennock Island Challenge, an eight-mile benefit swim around Pennock Island, will take place on August 28th to raise awareness and funds for American Diabetes research.

Twenty-four swimmers are scheduled to take part in the benefit event that begins at the Pennock reef marker. The swimmers will travel down the west channel around the southern end of Pennock and up the east Tongass Channel. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Ketchikan - Statewide: Federal Highway Bill Provides Great Opportunity to Develop Needed Projects Statewide - The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities has finished an initial analysis of the 1700-page federal highway bill signed into law by President George Bush last week, which shows that Alaskans have been provided a rare opportunity to develop much-needed "big picture" projects.- More....
Friday - August 26, 2005

Alaska: Alaska DOT to Assume Federal Environmental Review Role - Under provisions of the recently enacted federal transportation bill, Alaska will be able to assume the environmental review role currently held by the federal Department of Transportation. This important provision is buried deep in Section 6005 of the 1,700-page bill. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Alaska: Governor Praises BRAC Vote; Commission Heard Alaska Concerns All Around - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski commended the Base Realignment and Closure Commission on its vote to make the closure of Kulis Air National Guard Base contingent on the availability of adequate Air Force funding to preserve its important mission. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Alaska: Alaska welcomes China delegation - State of Alaska officials will welcome a 15-member delegation from the Municipality of Putian in China's Fujian Province during a ceremony on Monday in the governor's Anchorage office. Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin, who oversees the division of forestry, will meet with the delegation during their visit. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Alaska: Workers' Compensation: O'Claray appoints Medical Review Committee - Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Greg O'Claray today announced his selections to fill the nine-member Medical Services Review Committee. The Committee was created by the passage of SB 130, the re-write of Alaska's workers' compensation law which Governor Frank H. Murkowski signed into law on Tuesday, August 9, 2005. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

National: What's ahead with military base closings By LISA HOFFMAN - Although the Base Realignment and Closure Commission is wrapping up its voting on the fate of hundreds of military facilities nationwide, more steps remain before the civic nail-biting can finally come to an end. - More...
Friday - May 26, 2005

International: Factions with centuries of distrust can't be rushed, Iraq experts say By EDWARD EPSTEIN - The latest failure by leaders of Iraq's contentious factions to agree on a constitution doesn't surprise analysts who say the process is dealing with basic questions that can't be solved in a hurry by groups with little history of mutual trust. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Washington Calling: Roberts sitting pretty ... Students shell out ... More By LANCE GAY - Expect John Roberts to be sitting on the Supreme Court by October.

Opposition to his nomination by organizations like People for the American Way isn't provoking a groundswell against him. The latest Senate leadership nose counts conclude that there are only 21 Democrats inclined to vote against the nomination. And that number could narrow by the time the final vote is taken. Senate aides say they hear no talk about a filibuster to thwart the nomination. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Week In Review: President Bush tried to counter a rising antiwar movement in the country in a series of speeches. "So long as I'm the president, we will stay, we will fight and we will win the war on terror," Bush said. He ended a two-year policy of not mentioning casualties publicly. "In this war, we have said farewell to some very good men and women, including 491 heroes of the National Guard and Reserves," he said in Nampa, Idaho. "These brave men and women gave their lives for a cause that is just and necessary for the security of our country, and now we will honor their sacrifice by completing their mission." - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

National: Voting Rights Act, at 40, faces uncertain future By CLYDE HUGHES - When his mother and grandmother went to vote for the first time after the national Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, Johnny Mickler said it reminded him of going to church. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

National: Lab tests seem sound, but tampering can't be ruled out By CARL T. HALL - Scientists who helped pioneer the laboratory test used to detect pharmaceutical blood doping in sports describe the test as virtually foolproof - bad news for Lance Armstrong fans hoping to dispel the latest swirl of accusations. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

National: New wave of imams seeks to identify with Americans By STEPHEN MAGAGNINI - There's a new imam in town who criticizes forced arranged marriages, insists Muslim nations need to become democracies and says it's OK to drink an ice-cold martini - if you're dying of thirst in the desert. And he uses the Koran to back him up. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Science: Research on USS Monitor probably disproves cat story By LEE BOWMAN - Conservation technicians sifting through 140 years' worth of muck accumulated inside the turret of the USS Monitor have periodically teased historian Jeff Johnston with a facetious cry of "Cat bones, we got cat bones!" - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Science: Coffee top source of antioxidants in U.S., study finds By LEE BOWMAN - We may be slack in eating our veggies and fruits, but Americans still are consuming antioxidants by drinking coffee. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Science: Earth's core spins faster than outer crust, scientists say By LEE BOWMAN - Scientists who used decades' worth of earthquake data to ping the planet's center say their information proves decisively that Earth's core spins faster than the outer crust. - More...
Friday - May 26, 2005

photosKetchikan: Coast Guard cutter Acushnet crew visits Kodiak - The crew of the Coast Guard cutter Acushnet arrives in Kodiak today for a short visit. Crew-members will be attending classes at the North Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Center in Kodiak. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005


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letter Message sent loud and clear By Jos "Gus" Govaars VI - Friday
letter Booting Coaches By Neil Gray - Friday
letter New Wave vs Traditionalist By Aan Kadax Tseen - Friday
letter Forget The Earplugs By Barbara Diamond - Friday
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Fish Factor

Laine Welch: Alaska's salmon season one of the best ever - Alaska's salmon harvest has already topped 200 million fish, making it one of the best seasons ever. And, for the third year in a row, the fishery will show an increase in value.

"The statewide, all species harvest is going to be up there in the top five or six seasons," said Geron Bruce, deputy director of the state Commercial Fisheries Division. The pre-season forecast for the 2005 salmon season was 181 million fish. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Humor Columnists  

Dave Kiffer: VOX POPULI #5 - An alert reader dropped an email to let me know that the old Ketchikan PBY is back on EBAY again. The deadline for bids is Monday. This time the opening bid has been lowered to $100,000 and there have been at least two bids tendered thus far. No clue what the "reserve" price is but you can bet it's well below the $250,000 price that drew no takers at least twice this summer. The estimate on getting it airworthy (in the pictures it's missing its horizontal stabilizer!) remains at $16,000. As before, bid early, bid often. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005  

Jason Love: Massage - A friend recommended a massage therapist named Frank.

"He's cutting edge, man. You'll love him."

That afternoon I learned that "cutting edge" referred to the way Frank burrowed his elbows into your pain.

Call me old-fashioned, but I consider massage a time to relax and possibly pass out from ecstasy. Frank has an entirely different take. He believes that physical problems come from muscles attaching to the bone or something. I couldn't hear him over my squealing. So it goes. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Columns - Commentary

Linda Seebach: More than a language gene - Linguists are squabbling - linguists do a lot of that - over the origins of human language, and one of the bits of evidence they're batting back and forth is a fascinating gene called FOXP2.

People who have a defective copy of the gene experience a wide variety of language difficulties. Some of them are physical, related to inability to control the lower part of the face well enough to produce intelligible speech. But others are purely linguistic, involving vocabulary and grammar. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Jay Ambrose: Under-reported scandal may kill again - Fuel-economy standards have killed at least 40,000 Americans, maybe more, maybe a figure as high as the number of U.S. troops killed in the Vietnam War, and yet here we go again: The Bush administration wants new, tougher standards, though not nearly as tough as those sought by environmental activists, countless liberal politicians, even some conservatives.

It is a deadly desire that might not be threatening us today if news outlets had ever treated the 1970s enactment of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy Program for the very nearly unparalleled governmental scandal that it was. The choice has mainly been to ignore highly reputable researchers on a panel of the National Academy of Scientists and from Harvard and the Brookings Institution who were among those informing us that the act was at one time costing a minimum of 1,000 lives a year and perhaps three or four times that many. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

Ann McFeatters: Get set for National Preparedness Month. BYO duct tape - As we prepare to celebrate September Is National Preparedness Month, shame on you if you threw out the plastic sheeting and duct tape. And don't forget to stock up on water and batteries.

Nearly four years after the horrors of Sept. 11, 2001, Americans still are expected to rely on those infamous shades of yellow, orange and red for a sense of how active the terrorists may be on any given day. But the government is trying to make more sense as to what we should do to prepare for the unexpected. - More...
Friday - August 26, 2005

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