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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

August 25, 2005

Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

'Summer Days'
Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

Alaska: Flush with oil money, Alaska pumps up spending growth By SEAN COCKERHAM - Alaska's state spending rate is swelling this year at more than twice the national average, based on reports from state and national analysts.

Figures from the Alaska Division of Legislative Finance show general fund spending growth of either 14.8 percent or 14.3 percent, depending on how the numbers are crunched.

Alaska legislators voted to spend more than $3 billion in general funds for this fiscal year, according to the division -- almost $400 million more than the state spent the previous year. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

Alaska: Survey Shows 80% of Alaskan Public Satisfied with DOT - Results of a statewide poll of Alaskans on a wide range of questions about the services provided by the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities show a high level of satisfaction. The polling sample of 1,200 residents from urban and rural areas was the first one done for DOT in about five years. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

National: Cindy Sheehan: 'I am not the issue' By LANCE GAY - Cindy Sheehan says she's tried to keep the focus of her protest on the immorality of the war in Iraq, but she's found this month that it's difficult to keep the spotlight off herself.

"I am not the issue," she said on her Web blog. "The issue is a disastrous war that's killing our sons and daughters and making our country less secure. They attack me because they can no longer defend this war." - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

National: Ph.D.s in America on the decline By THOMAS HARGROVE - The number of Americans earning doctoral degrees has declined in recent years, renewing worries that the United States is losing its dominance in Ph.D.-level education to rapidly developing nations like China and India. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

National: Women care more about education, poll finds By THOMAS HARGROVE and GUIDO H. STEMPEL III - Women are more likely than men to insist upon high goals and standards for what public schools should be teaching, according to a survey by the Scripps Survey Research Center at Ohio University.- More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

Science: Cosmological iconoclasts offer new ideas By KEAY DAVIDSON - In recent years, our knowledge of the cosmos, its origins and evolution has improved by leaps and bounds.

But is our new knowledge as reliable as it appears? Maybe not, if one believes a few doubters. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

Science: North Pole sea ice may melt by 2040, researchers find By TODD NEFF - Global warming could melt summer Arctic sea ice by the end of the century, scientists say, making for an ice-free North Pole for the first time in more than a million years. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

Intergenerational Program

Intergenerational Program Brings
Youth & Seniors Together

Walt and William...

photosKetchikan: Intergenerational Program Brings Youth & Seniors Together By PRISCILLA BARNETT - Wednesday, Alaska Community Services and the Boys and Girls Club of Ketchikan met with some of the residents of Seaview Terrace and some of the residents of the Pioneers Home for an intergenerational luncheon, which was held in the Great Room at the Pioneers' Home. The purpose of the luncheon was to introduce seniors and youth to the wonderful possibilities of building a mentoring friendship. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

Craig: UAS Ketchikan Educational Support Center Open House Scheduled - The University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan will officially open the doors to the UAS Ketchikan Educational Support Center in Craig, Alaska on Monday, August 29, 2005.

The public is invited to the open house to meet the staff and learn about services to be offered in the Craig location on Monday from 11:00 am to 1:00pm. The Educational Support Center is located in Room 103 of the Craig Community Association Building. Refreshments, door prizes and give-a-ways are planned for the event. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

Girl Scouts learn about emergency
and critical-care air medicine

Critical-Care Flight Nurses, Michele Faust
and Rachel Welk (right)
Photograph courtesy Guardian Flight

Ketchikan: Girl Scouts learn about emergency and critical-care air medicine - Wednesday, Guardian Flight, Inc provided the Girl Scouts of America, Camp Featherwinds, with an educational session about emergency and critical-care air medicine.

Two of the Ketchikan based Critical-Care Flight Nurses, Michele Faust and Rachel Welk, spent an hour with the girls from Camp Featherwinds. Michele and Rachel discussed the flight environment, what it is like to help sick people while flying in a Lear Jet or on a helicopter; and provided some of their supplies to demonstrate bandaging and dressing wounds. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

Ketchikan: Community-wide Child Find Underway - The Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District is currently conducting a community-wide Child Find for children ages 3-21 who may be eligible for free special education services. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

Ketchikan/Statewide: Foundation Announces Second Quarter 2005 Awards - Statewide: From months April to July 2005, the Rasmuson Foundation awarded $526,472 to non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Alaskans.  The awards were made to 27 Alaskan non-profits across the state to support a broad range of projects.  - More...


Election 2005
List of Candidates
Filed For Office

 pdf Assembly &
School Board

Updated 08/23/05
 pdf City Council


letter Consolidation By Chemaine Cobbs - Thursday
letter Right Wing By Bill Yankee - Thursday
letter Coach's Apology By Tom Carlin - Thursday
letter Early morning noise By Bob Allen - Thursday
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Highway Construction Delays
Larry Wright, The Detroit News
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Ketchikan Youth Initiatives and Revilla Island Prevention Coalition:

"We are inviting youth and adults to come together in support of the friends and family of those we have lost too early in their lives from misuse of drugs."

Sponsoring two events:

Friday, Aug 26 "drop-in"safe place to talk from 3 to 7 pm at 640 Park Avenue, across from American Legion (old Christian Coffee shop location)

Friday, Sept 2 community gathering, downtown 7:30 pm, Parking lot adjacent to the Discovery Center on Mill Street (across from Schallers')

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Alaska: New Electronic Reporting System For Fisheries Up And Running - A new electronic data reporting system, called eLandings, is being used for the Aleutian Island's Western and Eastern golden king crab fisheries. The fisheries, which opened August 15, are serving as a pilot project for the eLandings program designed to eliminate reporting duplication and increase efficiency for harvesters, processors, and managers. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

Alaska: Alaska Quality Seafood Certification Pays Off for Kenai Seafood Plant - Kenai Landing Custom Processors, the first seafood processing plant fully certified under the Alaska Quality Seafood® (AQS) program, announced that it has successfully completed its first season of operation, charting a new course for both the AQS program and the industry. The plant is the first to fully adopt AQS standards for the processing of all fish in its operation, and the first to have its quality assurance staff certified under the new program. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005  

Columns - Commentary  

Preston MacDougall: Chemical Eye on Superheroes vs. Superbugs - Disbelief. Anger. Derision. But ultimately pity.

These were my reactions to the news of a human tragedy unfolding in the Muslim world. You would think that replacing fear of death, with life and liberty, would garner a hero's welcome. But no, some imams are preaching falsehoods, vilifying true heroes, and endangering the lives of countless children. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005  

Michael Reagan: Who Does Cindy Really Hate? - Sigmund Freud had a concept he called "projection, which has been defined as a defense where the ego deals with unacceptable impulses and/or terrifying anxieties by attributing them to someone in the external world. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005  

Clifford May: An open letter to the mother of a fallen hero - Dear Cindy Sheehan, I know you want to talk to President Bush about the conflict in Iraq, the war in which your son, Specialist Casey Sheehan, was tragically killed. I also know that while the president met with you previously, he is not eager to see you again - not now that you are affiliated with and supported by David Duke and handled by slick public-relations professionals. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

William N. Ryerson: George Bush Is Contributing to World Poverty - Apologists for the Bush Administration are making claims that rapid rates of population growth somehow stimulate economic growth. The contention is that rapid rates of population growth stimulate consumerism and that the added demand fuels economic growth.

Actually, the opposite is true. The economies of many developing countries are being crippled by the fact that a high percentage of personal and national income is spent on the immediate consumption needs of food, housing and clothing - because there are too many children dependent on each working adult - leaving little income available to form investment capital.- More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

Dale McFeatters: Dorm-room decoration all the rage -- and a racket - As if college kids and the people who pay for them haven't been bled dry enough already, a costly new trend has clamped its viselike teeth on their credit cards - decorating dorm rooms.

Softening the institutional bleakness of the kids' campus digs has become a big - no, make that huge - business. The National Retail Federation says $34.4 billion will be spent this season on decorating dorm rooms, a 33.8 percent increase over last year. Sophomores will spend an average of $500. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

Martin Schram: America's secret weapons - America's most powerful and effective national security weapon is not the Stealth bomber nor the cruise missile. It's not even listed in the Pentagon budget.

It is the Toyota Prius - also the Ford Escape and other full-hybrid or similar gas-saving vehicles. They are our best hope for ending America's self-endangering dependence on Middle East oil. Petrodollars we have long paid to Saudi Arabia and elsewhere too often have wound up as protection money or look-the-other-way charity bribes paid to militant Muslim clerics who sympathize with, support and may even be terrorists. - More...
Thursday - August 25, 2005

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