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Early morning noise
By Bob Allen


August 25, 2005

Eric, thanks for that site. Willing to pay? I am willing to accept.

Unfortunately, Ketchikan has a noise ordinance from 11pm-6am. So on that note, these guys have the rights to fly.

However, I don't see Alaska Air Lines coming in and making noise that early. I find it unfortunate that the residents of Ketchikan who live here year round, when the majority of those tourism float planes are tied up, have to suffer. But this is all the tourism selfishness of those who rely on the industry here in Ketchikan. Tourism has gone to the brains.

Everything in this community revolves around the cruise ships and the exploitation of Alaska. Do you think the "forefathers" of Ketchikan, those that moved here to be away from the lower 48 planned on the lower 48 overwhelming our small towns?

Want proof that tourism has gone to peoples' heads. They wanted to expand the docks, yet, they also limit the amounts of ships allowed on the weekends. What do they want? They can get more ships, just let them in on the weekends. Want to clean up the areas north of the tunnel? Use some of the money they spend on personal agendas and make those business owners snap too it.

I personally feel that there should be a little more courtesy for those who live here and the planes should take off a little later.

If you want to send me those earplugs, let me know.

Bob Allen
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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