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Coach's Apology
By Tom Carlin


August 25, 2005

I think that Coach Cropp apologizing for getting kicked out of the football game was awesome. But he shouldn't have tried to defend himself in his apology letter. If you want to apologize, then do it. Don't try and say that you were right, which you were as a coach to go out there. But don't try to defend yourself in your apology letter.

You got kicked out. It happens. Just apologize and let that be the end of it (Not trying to bash on Coach Cropp - I think it's great he had the guts to apologize). I do not agree with Coach Lewis on saying that he wished he had gotten kicked out of that game. Why would you ever wish to get kicked out of a game. That lets the team down when their coach gets kicked out of the game. I doubt Coach Cropp said that he was gonna run out there and get kicked out of the game - it just happened no big deal. But if you were going to go out there and try to get kicked out - then I don't agree with that. That would be poor coaching.

You can contest a call, but I don't know why you would purposely get kicked out. That's like purposely trying to hurt your team. It makes no sense. (Not saying that Coach Lewis is a poor coach - it's just I don't agree with him saying he wished he would have gotten kicked out.)

Tom Carlin
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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