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Tossed because you care
By Ken Lewis


August 16, 2005

Coach Cropp I witnessed the play at the end of the game that triggered your emotions. You were tossed because you care. Three hits (one after the other) on an amateur athlete who is down and covering up the ball (when you are behind by 2 TDs), and the clock running out, was a statement. That was total bush league behavior by the visiting team.

Our baseball team lost a Senior Varsity catcher for the second half of a season due to a cheap illegal hit at the end of a game, and in retrospect I wish I would have got thrown out of that contest. I was wishing and hoping our player would recoup, he did not.

So, if you are apologizing for getting tossed, let me take this moment to say I am sorry for not getting tossed. You see, if you do not get jacked in that situation, it is likely your players will become retaliatory. The team with the deepest bench loves that game. Small towns do not want to get sucked into that. There was no quit in the Maroon football team last week, and that was awesome.

It appears a team in SE is making statements in our house that would never be tolerated if expressed by us, in theirs.

I forgive you coach.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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