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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

August 02, 2005

Front Page Photo by Lisa Thompson

'Big Ships'
Front Page Photo by Lisa Thompson

Alaska: Former Alaska Governor Jay Hammond Dead at 83 - Former Alaska Governor Jay Hammond died today. Hammond was 83.

For a lot of people, Jay Hammond was Alaska. He was governor in turbulent times, and navigated the often-perilous waters of public policy with common sense and good humor. After leaving public office, he stayed involved, writing and speaking on issues in which he had a lively interest.  - More...
Tuesday pm - August 02, 2005

Ketchikan: Judge overrules jury in Greenpeace case - A Ketchikan judge on Monday set aside guilty verdicts returned by a jury against the activist group Greenpeace and the captain of its boat for violating state environmental regulations during a 2004 visit to Alaska. - More....
Anchorage Daily News - - Tuesday

Ketchikan: Who Named the Bridge? By DICK KAUFFMAN - Ralph M. Bartholomew Veterans' Memorial Bridge - that's the name of the proposed bridge to Gravina. When and how the bridge was named is a question that continues to arise. Rumors float that Congressman Don Young named the bridge, others say that the Ketchikan Assembly named the bridge, then there are others who think the citizens of Ketchikan might have voted on a name for the bridge.

For those who are confused, fortunately there are folks in Ketchikan who are the 'Keepers of Records' such as Ketchikan Borough Clerk Harriett Edwards. According to Edwards, the history behind the naming of the bridge to Gravina goes back many years to 1989 at which time the proposed bridge was originally named the Veterans Memorial Bridge by the Alaska State Legislature. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

National: Treasury move would help Uncle Sam -- but impact taxpayers By MARY DEIBEL - Treasury's expected announcement Wednesday that it will revive the 30-year bond may help a debt-burdened Uncle Sam cut borrowing costs, but the decision stands to affect taxpayers, investors and pensioners too. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

National: Frist's shift may lead to Bush's first veto By MARC SANDALOW - President Bush finds himself increasingly isolated in his opposition to spending more federal dollars on embryonic stem cell research, a position that may force the first veto of his presidency.

Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist's break with Bush on the topic, a decision he announced Friday on the Senate floor, seems to assure that legislation expanding research will pass Congress this session, possibly as early as September. The House passed a measure in May that would override Bush's executive order banning federal research on embryonic stem cell lines created after 2001. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

Gap Filler Repair Techniques

Gap Filler Repair Techniques
Engineers practice techniques to eliminate or trim protruding gap fillers that Astronauts Soichi Noguchi and Steve Robinson will use during their spacewalk.
Photo courtesy NASA

National: Gap Fillers protruding on Shuttle to be repaired - The Space Shuttle Discovery mission managers decided Monday to remove two gap fillers that are protruding from areas between heat-shielding tile on the Shuttle's underbelly. During Wednesday's spacewalk, which has been revised to include the unprecedented task of repairing an area of the Shuttle's heat shield, Mission Specialist Steve Robinson will venture under the Space Shuttle on the tip of the Station's robotic arm, locate the protrusions and gently tug until they come out. If that does not work, Robinson will have tools to cut off the protrusions. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

National: Bush uses recess appointment for Bolton By LAWRENCE M. O'ROURKE - In directly installing John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations on Monday, President Bush sent a strong message to the Senate and the United Nations that he wants a loyal and tough aide speaking for the administration as the United States conducts a war in Iraq and forces reforms on the world body.

Equally, and perhaps more importantly, Bush made it bluntly clear to the Senate that Bolton may not be the only nominee in line for an interim appointment in this first year of Bush's second term. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

Science: U.S. Scientists Discover Tenth Planet; First object larger than Pluto found in outer solar system - A planet larger than Pluto has been discovered in the outlying regions of the solar system, according to a July 29 NASA press release.

Planetary scientist Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology, whose work was funded by NASA, announced the discovery July 29. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005



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letter Growing Pains and Mistakes By Steven Booth - Tuesday am
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Handwriting on the wall
By: Larry Wright
The Detroit News
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National: As it turns 10, eBay's the national bazaar By CLINT SWETT - When Mike Husa wanted to sell four billiard cues sitting unused in his California home, his first impulse was to make the rounds of local pool halls.

His second was to try eBay. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

National: U.S. Coast Guard: Old fleet faces new mission By LES BLUMENTHAL - The Coast Guard's high-endurance cutter Midgett plies the waters of the Pacific from the Arctic Circle to the equator, chasing fast-moving boats smuggling cocaine off South and Central America and assisting in the search and rescue of King crab fishermen in the perilous Bering Sea. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

National: Professors go fishing for phishers By CARRIE KIRBY - Alarmed by the growth of password-stealing scams on the Internet, two Stanford professors are working on tools to protect users from digital shakedowns.

The problem is known as phishing. Crooks send out e-mails posing as banks or e-commerce companies, directing the recipient to a fake version of the company's Web site. When the victim types in his user name and password at the fake site, the phishers capture the information and use it to clean out the victim's bank account or commit other fraud. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

World: What's next for Irish Republican Army? By ALAN FREEMAN - After more than 3,600 deaths over the past 36 years, the Northern Ireland "Troubles" appear to be drawing to a close after the Irish Republican Army formally announced a historic end to its "armed campaign" and said it would start dumping its huge arms cache. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

World: Satan's recipe: an hour or two and $135 By GRAEME SMITH - The Mother of Satan is cheap, easy, and dangerous. You can find her on the streets of London with a few hours effort, but she's a touchy creature. She explodes if treated roughly. She has killed hundreds of people, and experts say she could kill thousands more. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

Alaska: Alaska Department of Corrections First To Receive National Institute of Ethics Integrity Certification - The Alaska Department of Corrections has become the first corrections department in the nation to receive the National Institute of Ethics (NIE) Integrity Certification. The department was given the certification by institute founder Dr. Neal Trautman today at the department's training academy in Anchorage.

To hold the certification, the department has committed to a wide-ranging and ambitious three-year program with direct impact on recruitment and hiring practices, management style, and on-the-job training. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

Alaska: Salmon Enhancement Tax Disbursement Up - The State of Alaska, Division of Investments is disbursing about $3.3 million in Salmon Enhancement Tax proceeds to the six regional aquaculture associations authorized to receive the proceeds. This year's proceeds are about 15% more than last year when $2.9 million was disbursed. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005


Debt Adviser: Pay a mountain of debt a couple of cards at a time By STEVE BUCCI - Dear Steve: I have five credit cards, with the following balances and (annual percentage) interest rates (APRs):

There's one card's $2,600 balance at 14.99 percent, and other card balances and rates at $1,200 balance at 7.9 percent, a $9,900 balance at 7.9 percent, a $1,400 balance at zero percent and $3,399 balance at 12.4 percent. - More...
Tuesday am - August 02, 2005

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