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Growing Pains and Mistakes
By Steven Booth


August 02, 2005

In dealing with the affairs of tribal government, there should never be a reason to be threatening or rude. We all have our differences and our own opinions and goals for the future of our community, and that is the beauty of the democratic system. If anyone has to use underhanded tactics, threats, disrespect and promoting hate to achieve their goals then, in these things that you sow is what you will reap. The goal is or should be a common one, and that is understanding how to combine our culture with the success of economic development, to bring organizational structure, loyalty and employee development, and where the KIC of the future can be outstanding and accountable to all its members. These things should be a common goal for us and it is how we get there by allowing our differences that make debate and compromise our strength. There is no place for the common good of our community to have threatening or disrespect for our brothers and sisters who are all in this together. We are a proud people who will show the world our resolve and unity in our community. For the people who express their hate and not their debate we as a community shall say - we do not know you and away from us you evil doer.

We make mistakes, we stumble and we may fall. So when we do we need to pick each other up and learn from our mistakes or we may fall again. By this council not giving Mrs. Zimmerle the opportunity as a citizen of our community, the rights as a person given under our very own constitution, an explanation, employee evaluation, or little as a goal for her performance, is a dereliction of duty, and a deliberate act of disrespect, no matter what your seemingly good intentions where or justifications for the betterment of the community. Believe it or not there are good professionally respectful methods for going about a change in CEO. The methods of this council is not how we would want to be represented as a people and this action is viewed as a mistake. However, even though many are still speaking about this decision made by the Council, it is over. We will learn from our mistakes. We will move on and perhaps things will change.

Growing pains and mistakes are a part of growing up but there comes a time when the childish ways need to be put away and the business of the community needs to be addressed. The membership elects the council and puts their trust in the men and woman who run for these seats, that they will represent them in a dignified, intelligent and respectable manner. The membership puts their confidence in the elected to make the decisions that are in the very best interest of the community as a whole and trusts that the elected will perform their elected duties honorably and in such a way that reflects the proud traditions of our people, nurturing the Government to Government relations in the rebuilding of our Nation and by fostering good working programs. Threats and intimidation only strengthen our resolve to push ahead and give even that much more importance to protect our community from the people who use their hate. Their sickness will affect the whole community. The people who act out their hate only bring shame and disgrace to our Native people. Do not be discouraged by their actions; do not let their hateful action bring you down, that would only be giving into their actions and giving them power in their methods. Find strength and encouragement from the majority of the membership who share in our goal to grow, find it in the love of our people.

Steven Booth
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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