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Saturday - Sunday
April 9-10, 2005

Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

'Golden Eagle'
Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

National: New law would require pre-bankruptcy counseling By MARY DEIBEL - With Americans typically carrying a $7,500 credit-card balance with less than $25,000 saved for retirement and bankruptcy rates at record levels, it's tough to argue that we don't need to brush up on our financial skills. More...
Sunday - April 10, 2005

National: Bush to meet Sharon at Texas ranch By BILL STRAUB - President Bush wants Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to abandon new settlement plans in the West Bank that could disrupt the ongoing peace process and stick to the agreed-upon road map as the best means to end the decades-long hostilities with the Palestinian Authority. - More..
Sunday - April 10, 2005

Washington Calling: U.N. bashing ... Spellings lesson ... time goes by ... more By Lance Gay - There's no softer punching bag for American politicians than the United Nations, long suspected in Washington of being a sinkhole of greed, corruption and foreign intrigue. But the agency needs to get out its extra-thick pads because it's heading for another round of heavy bashing on Capitol Hill this spring. - More...
Sunday - April 10, 2005

Tony Azure and staff of
Ketchikan's Boys and Girls Club
Front Page Photo by Dick Kauffman

Ketchikan: Ketchikan's Boys and Girls Club: A Safe Place To Learn And Grow by M.C. Kauffman - Speaking before the Ketchikan Greater Chamber of Commerce on March 30th, Tony Azure said, "The Boys and Girls Club is an awesome organization!"

Long-time Ketchikan resident Tony Azure is the manager of Ketchikan's first Boys and Girls Club. He said he became involved with the Boys and Girls Club because he saw the service as something that was needed in Ketchikan and thought he could stretch and challenge himself.

Explaining the history of the organization Azure said the Boys Club was started in 1860 by three women in Hartford, CT who saw boys running around town being mischievous. They decided to provide a safe place where the boys could learn and grow. "And the same principles apply today as they did then," said Azure. "Providing a place where young people can learn and grow and have structure in their lives." - More...
Saturday - April 09, 2005

Front Page Photo by Kathy Stack

Electrician Shawn O'Neil and his
apprentice Justin Walker...
Front Page Photo by Kathy Stack

Ketchikan: Power Project Progresses At Bar Harbor by M.C. Kauffman- Electrician Shawn O'Neil of Hydaburg and his apprentice Justin Walker of Ketchikan have been working over the past month installing and wiring new power pedestals at the south Bar Harbor dock. Both men are employed by I.B.E.W.

With the installation and wiring of the power pedestals completed, the men can now begin work on connecting the huge power boxes - one located by the HighLiner and one located on the new dock. Once wires are run through conduits from the upper power box under the ramp to the power box on the dock, then the new power pedestals can be connected.

Both O'Neil and Walker said they have found this project to be very interesting especially challenges that pop up like figuring out how to safely move a 600-pound power box down a dock. The new heavy power box was delivered but unfortunately left at the top of the dock for the men to move in place. - More...
Saturday - April 09, 2005



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High Gas Prices
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Dave Kiffer: Jury of Peers - Every so often a tiny bit of sanity floats up from the morass that is our insane world.

This week a jury in Massachusetts declined to blame an airline when a passenger claimed a bumpy flight caused "post traumatic stress disorder."

I know you're all thinking "well, duh!" But in the modern world, we have no personal responsibility. Everything that can be blamed on someone else will be blamed on someone else and a plague of attorneys will be unleashed on the unfortunate offender. - More...
Sunday - April 10, 2005

Mike Harden: When math won't help - All the wisdom of Archimedes couldn't help Otterbein College mathematics professor Dan Boros recently when he was handed a basketball and a chance to win a cool million dollars if he could sink a half-court shot in New York City's Times Square.

Peering down from the heavens, the ancient Greek mathematician couldn't lift a finger when Boros palmed the ball and studied the rim 47 feet distant while "Good Morning America" looked on. - More...
Sunday - April 10, 2005

Barbara Bova: You've come a long way, baby, indeed - We're living longer. We're being bombarded with increasing numbers of older folks with each succeeding year. That's good news for those of us who look forward to long, happy, healthy lives. Genes play an important role in longevity, but personal behavior can undo good genes or enhance them. Women are undoing good genes by their foolish actions, such as smoking. - More...
Sunday - April 10, 2005

Montel Williams: Don't treat patients using marijuana as criminals - You may know me as a television talk-show host, but here in 40 states, I am also a criminal. My crime? Using the medicine that has allowed me to lead a normal life, despite having multiple sclerosis: medical marijuana.

Being diagnosed with MS, in 1999, felt like a death sentence. I doubted my ability to function as a father, son, brother, friend, talk-show host and producer. I honestly couldn't see a future. I had always taken excellent care of my body; I'd worked out, followed a healthy diet and looked the picture of health. What no one could see was the mind-numbing pain that seared through my legs, as if I were being stabbed with hot pokers. - More...
Sunday - April 10, 2005

Dale McFeatters: Ariel Sharon comes to Crawford - On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will be treated to the Bush administration equivalent of a state dinner in other presidencies - a visit to the president's ranch in Crawford, Texas.

As pleasant as that gathering is likely to be, Bush faces a test of his credibility in the Mideast. His road map to peace flatly says there shall be no expansion of Israeli settlements on the West Bank. - More...
Sunday - April 10, 2005

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photosAlaskan Chris Leding: 1886-1976; A Norwegian adventurer - By June Allen - Today's Ketchikan phone book includes a fair share of Scandinavian surnames. There are, however, relatively few Norse names among the records of the town's earliest settlers. Most of Ketchikan's Norwegian population originated later, during the early 1920s when the halibut fleet, its skippers, crewmen and families moved north from the Seattle area. An exception was the late Chris Leding, who wasn't yet a fisherman  when he settled down in Ketchikan the mid-1920s and who discovered commercial fishing much later in life. - More...
Thursday - April 07, 2005

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