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April 08, 2005

Front Page Photo by Nancy Jensen

'Cherry Blossom Time in Ketchikan'
Front Page Photo by Nancy Jensen

mp3Alaska: Good News For Education in Alaska - ""The 'big news' about the supplemental budget was largely overlooked today--and it's good news for education," said Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski in his weekly radio message today. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

National: Survey: most American's oppose cell phone on planes By JOE ROMINIECKI - As the din of cell-phone chatter spreads in public areas, Americans say they strongly oppose allowing cell phone use in one of the most crowded of public places - airplanes.- More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

National: Soldier: Lack of armor likely factor in comrade's death in Iraq By MICHAEL COLLINS - The Pentagon said Thursday it is investigating a Kentucky National Guard soldier's complaint that an improperly armored military truck may have contributed to the death of a member of his company in Iraq.- More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

National: Concerns aired over armoring trucks in Iraq By LISA HOFFMAN - While most Humvees in Iraq have been reinforced with heavy armor, many of the U.S. military trucks being driven on the same deadly roads are far less protected against insurgent attack. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

Alaska: Governor Signs Fast Track Supplemental; Approves Education spending, vetoes non-traditional sources of funding - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski on Thursday signed into law Senate Bill 98, the "fast track" supplemental bill for fiscal 2005, providing for necessary or unexpected costs to state government and early funding for Alaska schools. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

Alaska: Bipartisan Bill Would Eliminate Daylight Savings - A bipartisan bill to exempt Alaska from Daylight Saving Time passed the House Community and Regional Affairs Committee Thursday.  The bill, sponsored by Rep. Woodie Salmon, (D-Beaver) is co-sponsored by Reps. Vic Kohring (R-Wasilla),  Eric Croft (D-Anchorage) and Max Gruenberg (D-Anchorage). - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

Alaska: Senator Murkowski Co-sponsors Bill To Amend Patriot Act - Saying that the Patriot Act is in need of correction to ensure protection of American rights and freedoms, Senator Lisa Murkowski on Thursday co-sponsored legislation to amend the act. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

Carla Houtary-Gilmartin
Photo courtesy KGH

Ketchikan: Employee of the month named by KGH - Carla Houtary-Gilmartin, Registered Health Information Technician and Certified Coding Specialist at Ketchikan General Hospital (KGH), has been named Employee of the Month by a committee of her peers. Houtary-Gilmartin has been a KGH employee for 20 years. Prior to that she worked for eight years at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, at a long term care facility in Washington, and in two physician offices. Her health care career began, however, when as a high school student here in Ketchikan, she served as a volunteer at KGH. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

Ketchikan: Safety violations prompt Coast Guard crew to terminate vessel's voyage - The crew aboard the Coast Guard cutter Liberty terminated a fishing vessel's voyage near Ketchikan Wednesday morning after boarding results revealed safety violations.

Liberty's crew boarded the Neli Bly about 13 miles south of Ketchikan about 11:30 a.m. where the team found a survival suit needing repair and no primary lifesaving equipment such as a required buoyant apparatus. The boarding team also reported that the Neli Bly contained insufficient visual distress signaling equipment, the life ring needs repair and the operator didn't have official documentation on board. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005



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Barnstorming Social Security
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Ketchikan: Community Marketing Workshop Free for Ketchikan Businesses - A groundbreaking advertising workshop will be held in Ketchikan on April 14th & 15th at Steamers on the Dock. Organized and sponsored by local radio stations KTKN AM 930 & Gateway 106.7, this better business initiative is designed to provide education to local businesses wishing to make some sense out of today's complicated and often volatile advertising environment. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

Science: Scientists find new evidence of 'Snowball Earth' By LEE BOWMAN - Scientists have new evidence from interplanetary dust that Earth was sheathed in ice at least twice during a period that began around three-quarters of a billion years ago. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

Columns - Commentary

Jason Love: Bulk-Shopping Madness - I'm not big on corporate superstores. They're as good for mankind as Olean was for our intestines. And they turn open fields into parking lots, which never seem to grow back into fields again. Worst of all, they're sucking the provincial charm out of America. No matter where you turn these days, it's the same thing: Wal Mart, Toys R Us, Big Five, Wells Fargo. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

Sharon Randall: Tired of pedaling air - All the parking places were filled. Duh. After a half-century of doing business with the U.S. Postal Service, I should know better than to try to buy stamps on a Monday in good weather.

I rolled my eyes and joined a pack of other postal vultures all circling the block for a spot. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

Steve Brewer: A generation gap regarding sleep - Late on a recent Saturday morning, I was working away in my home office when my 15-year-old son appeared in the doorway, fresh from bed, enjoying a languorous stretch-and-yawn.

"That," he said, "was possibly the best 13 hours of sleep I've ever had."- More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

Preston MacDougall: Chemical Eye on a Hydrogen Bomber - "Are we there yet?"

If my family and I were on one of our numerous cross-country treks, such a question would normally come from somewhere in the back. Lately, however, it is more likely to come from the bookkeeper in the family, seated in the front passenger seat. And the setting isn't likely to be a jam-packed interstate, but rather a local gas station, as I, the chauffeur in the family, pump away. Meanwhile, the numbered wheels in the "THIS SALE" window are spinning at rpm's that I normally associate with a one-armed bandit in Las Vegas. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

Dick Morris: Sandy Berger Rolls Over For Bill And Hill - Former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger has now joined the pantheon of those who, in the immortal words of Webb Hubbell, have chosen to "roll over one more time" to protect Bill and Hillary Clinton.

This Hall of Ill-Fame includes Susan McDougal, Vince Foster, Monica Lewinsky, Johnnie Chung, former Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker and old Webb himself. What they each have in common is their silence and willingness to take the fall to protect the Clintons. - More...
Friday - April 08, 2005

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photosAlaskan Chris Leding: 1886-1976; A Norwegian adventurer - By June Allen - Today's Ketchikan phone book includes a fair share of Scandinavian surnames. There are, however, relatively few Norse names among the records of the town's earliest settlers. Most of Ketchikan's Norwegian population originated later, during the early 1920s when the halibut fleet, its skippers, crewmen and families moved north from the Seattle area. An exception was the late Chris Leding, who wasn't yet a fisherman  when he settled down in Ketchikan the mid-1920s and who discovered commercial fishing much later in life. - More...
Thursday - April 07, 2005

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