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Unhappy with capitalism, try another country...
by Alex McDonald


April 08, 2005

Having read both sides of this argument, I realize both sides have valid points. What struck me the most, however, was a comment made by Mr. Branco which stated, " If you are unhappy with capitalism, by all means, try another country with the socialist principles you use as your arguments."

This reminds me of a bumper sticker that says something like, "AMERICA. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT."

I absolutely agree. I mean, think of how amazing our society would be today if Martin Luther King Jr. had left America and "tried another country with the principles of equality." Or better yet, Susan B. Anthony. Who wants to follow ideals, anyway? I say, let's be an incredibly "realist" country from now on. The poor are poor because they deserve it. I'm sure in every single circumstance this applies. Minimum wage? Who needs minimum wage? It's not like the workers of the world have worked for hundreds of years and sacrificed thousands of lives for this groundbreaking achievement, let's just get rid of it. Exploit, exploit, exploit.
These were a joke.

Mr. Branco, since you enjoy history so much I'm sure you'll recall the mid 19th century in Europe. Industrialization was just beginning, and there was no minimum wage. To nobody's surprise, the working class became exploited to an awful extent. And since you "research for the truth," I'm sure you'll also recall that the political theories of Socialism and Communism were born at these times as well. Coincidence? I think not.

Don't be fooled either, people in exploited countries STILL die for the principle of workers' rights, including minimum wage. Take for example Coca Cola ( . By abolishing the minimum wage, we would be turning our back not only on the working lower-class, but on all those who have tried for centuries to achieve this principle, and all those who have died for this very same principle.

Alex McDonald
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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