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Community Marketing Workshop Free for Ketchikan Businesses


April 08, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - A groundbreaking advertising workshop will be held in Ketchikan on April 14th & 15th at Steamers on the Dock. Organized and sponsored by local radio stations KTKN AM 930 & Gateway 106.7, this better business initiative is designed to provide education to local businesses wishing to make some sense out of today's complicated and often volatile advertising environment.

Michael Tate, international media consultant and speaker, is scheduled to deliver two seminars, exclusively for business people in the Ketchikan area.

The sessions will highlight the most common mistakes businesses large and small make in promotion of their businesses. Mr Tate will also discuss ways to get the most out of any media campaign and conduct a workshop on the very best ways small to medium-sized businesses can construct professional and effective advertising plans, no matter what media they choose, regardless of their industry, but especially if they are working with an extremely limited advertising budget.

Blake Messer, General Manager of KTKN & Gateway 106.7 said, "As providers of Ketchikan radio we know how important it is for local business to prosper if our community is to continue to prosper. We are very pleased to be able to provide someone of such an international standard to speak here in Ketchikan free. Michael Tate is regarded very highly in the advertising industry and I can promise that he will deliver some extremely worthwhile, yet simple advice to businesses, whatever their size, product or service. The fact that these seminars will be free of charge to local businesses is very exciting. This is a rare opportunity indeed."

Michael Tate will bring his years of media experience to these workshops, which are full of useful advice, interesting stories and entertaining anecdotes from all over the globe.

Tate is one of the founding partners of Data Communications, an international media consultancy based in Hong Kong, Sydney, Australia and San Francisco, CA. He is also the President of Hackett & Tate Media. Over the last eighteen years, Tate has presented over 2,500 seminars to over 35,000 business people in twelve countries including the US, Australia, China, Indonesia, Norway, Ireland, Canada, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

Tate has worked in television and radio companies around the globe, and has served as National Media Manager for the Toyota Motor Corporation. He is also the creator of revenue.generator, a trade publication read by over 9,000 media professionals each week. He is the co-author of Juggling Oranges - a best-selling media industry book focused on the physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of selling advertising.

Michael Tate, an Australian, lives in San Francisco, CA with his wife and 2-year-old son.

For informationor to reserve a seat at this one time event, contact Sandra Rusin McCray at 907-225-2193.



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