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Good News for Education in Alaska


April 08, 2005

"The 'big news' about the supplemental budget was largely overlooked today--and it's good news for education," said Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski in his weekly radio message today.

Murkowski said, "I approved $854 million in early funding for Alaska's schools. I spoke last week about my commitment to education in my weekly radio address and this week's message is a continuation of that message. I explain the fast track supplemental and that in it, I approved early funding for education."

He said, "In addition, my proposed budget for 2007 represents a 29% increase in education funding since I took office. I've proposed and won increases in per-student school funds every year: 4% for 2004; 9.8% for 2005; and 7.9% for 2006."


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Friday - April 08, 2005


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