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Looking For Stedman Hotel Mural
by Donna Mickel


April 10, 2005

I would like to ask the readers of Sitnews if anyone can help me with information in finding out what happened to a mural that was painted by my mother, Lorraine Perry, which hung in the banquet room/bar of the Stedman Hotel. It was a woodland scene with a lake and totem poles and was 8' x 12', mounted on sheets of plywood so it could be moved. She was commissioned to paint it around 1963, and it was there until late 1965 or 1966, when the bar/banquet room was closed.

I would greatly appreciate any information about where this painting might be, if it still exists. Unfortunately, I never got to see it as it was removed before I was born. I would also appreciate seeing any pictures people might have of it. Thank you for your assistance.

Donna Mickel
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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